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Author:  Lee Paul

Publisher: IUniverse, Inc.
ASIN: B004UM08BA (Kindle Edition)

Lee Paul’s impressive self-help bible, Bitch, Pitch and Get Rich, is based upon the insights into the human psyche he gained during his long and distinguished career as an actor in Hollywood. Looking back over the wisdom gained through exposure to many people, from Oscar winners to computer companies, he decided to put his insights into action and assist others to gain the kind of self-enlightenment, perspective and humility that leads to a long, fulfilled and happy existence.

Lee’s advice, unlike that of many self-proclaimed self-help gurus, is grounded in both humility and experience. In short, he’s learned the hard way. His advice is both sensible and achievable; he recommends, as he has done himself, that each individual take a long hard look at the way they relate to others, and consider why they haven’t achieved the kind of success they merit. How do they communicate with others? Is their command of the English language, from comprehension to delivery, good enough – or could it do with some work? And are they comfortable enough to address themselves in the mirror, or do they cringe away in embarrassment? What, in short, can they do to be comfortable within the skin they inhabit?

Lee’s solution is simple: develop the courage to trust in and express yourself. Speak to your reflection until you’re comfortable with it; increase your vocabulary so that you’re capable of speaking with anyone; an – a most important piece of advice – learn to talk to others without putting your foot in your mouth. Adopt the right approach in different situations. Do not get too full of yourself. As Lee ruefully accounts, don’t address a Hollywood star in terms so familiar they border on the impolite, but take a step back and assess the situation! Learn to find the right person to speak to within an organisation, so that you don’t waste countless hours going through the middleman; have the tenacity to achieve your goals; and, above all, be thankful for what you receive. And, as there is a helpful series of questions at the end of each chapter, the reader is able to chart their personal development – and take as much time as they need to develop their potential, and reflect upon their personal growth.

Bitch, Pitch and Get Rich is not about becoming a megastar, or a Warren Buffett; it is about fulfilling your potential as an individual, and counting your blessings. Lee’s genius lies in his ability to make the reader reflect on what they are thankful for. He never patronises, or makes assumptions about his readers’ state of mind; he has, instead, given others the chance to learn from his own journey, and the tools to enable them to enrich their existences.

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