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Author: Jeryl Brunner

Publisher: Globe Pequot

ISBN-10: 0762771399:   ISBN-13: 978-0762771394


Whether you already love New York, or are willing to fall in love with this great and thriving metropolis, My City, My New York: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places by the well-known writer and journalist Jeryl Brunner is for you. Over the years, Brunner has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, many of whose paeans of praise for the Mega Apple are included in this compilation that extols both the variety and the uniqueness of this most magnetic of all cities on the American continent.

Inspired by her mother’s love of Central Park, Brunner has amassed, in this thought-provoking and heartwarming work, personal impressions of an amazing range of celebrities, including visual and dramatic artists, athletes and politicians, which reflect the myriad facets of this diamond of an artistic and creative hub. In My City, My New York, such internationally known figures as Salman Rushdie, Robin Williams and Donald J. Trump give their personal insights into what makes New York “a wonderful place [in which] to be.”

Introducing each chapter with the description of a pivotal moment in the history of whichever aspect of New York she is focusing on, Brunner then goes on to quote verbatim from the many illustrious figures whom she has interviewed. The overall tone of the book is intensely personal, with many choosing to recall their changing perceptions of the evolving city as they themselves have emerged over the years. Brunner has the knack of capturing the most relevant and the most meaningful insights and perspectives, and her outstanding expertise in eliciting the best from all the contributors to this volume clearly reflects the sense of ease and charm with which she must conduct her interviews―that she has been able to gather the diverse opinions that she has from such a wide variety of people speaks volumes.

Part vibrant guide to the best of New York, as recalled by the city’s leading devotees, in terms of gardens and parks, eateries, night and art life, walks, and shopping venues (for which she includes the addresses and contact details, where applicable), part poignant memoir to some of the most heartfelt moments experienced by the host of illustrious characters whose words fill the pages of this 240 page book, My City, My New York is so memorable in scope and so powerful in evocation of all that is good about the city that it deserves a home with anyone who has ever, or who will ever, visit the most bustling capital of all. May you all dance in its light.

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