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Author: The Grabarchuk Family

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles


Just as intriguing as the first puzzlebook in the series Puzzlebook: Puzzle Quizzes comes the second e-book, 101 Puzzle Quizzes. Arranged from the relatively simple to the increasingly more complex, the variety of full-color puzzles provided both stimulates one’s interest and helps to develop one’s sense of confidence that increases the higher the level that one is able to manage with growing ease. A self-confidence booster, some of these puzzles may have you slightly flummoxed at first, but as you increase your eptitude at working them out, you are bound to feel that you enjoy them more and more.

Many of the puzzles have potential for use in a therapeutic environment, with the different shapes on which they are based having the potential to be converted into models that could be extremely useful in an occupational therapy setting. Such models could be made out of such inexpensive material as paper or cardboard, although for durability a hardier material is advised.

I did the puzzles on my Kindle app for Windows, which I found easy to use, as I work mainly on my laptop, so always have it at hand. The interactive format is fun and helpful, with the bright colours serving to cheer one up if one is feeling slightly down. There even seems to be much potential for using the puzzles with those suffering from depression, whether they are treated individually or in group environs.

No matter whether you opt to do the puzzles in 101 Puzzle Quizzes for recreation or for a more serious purpose, they are well worth pursuing, no matter your age or level of expertise.

Follow Here To Purchase Puzzlebook: 101 Puzzle Quizzes (color and interactive!)