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Author: Vicky Halls
ISBN: 970593061121

How do I choose the right cat for me? How much and what should I feed my cat? How do I care for my elderly cat?

Vicky Halls, Britain’s leading cat counselor, answers these questions and many more in her fourth book “The Complete Cat”. While its predecessors concentrated on behavioral problems and how to remedy them, this book is intended as a comprehensive and practical manual on cat care.

The first chapter covers every aspect of acquiring a cat, while chapter two is dedicated to the subject of breeders and pedigrees. If you are thinking of buying a breed this chapter is invaluable as it explains what to look for in a responsible and trustworthy breeder. Halls also lists the most popular breeds, their characteristics and the potential inherent health and behavioral problems associated with them.

The next chapter tells you what essential cat paraphernalia you need and how to find a trustworthy vet. Chapter four covers the essential nutrients your cat needs, understanding food labels and how much and what to feed your cat. Most importantly it lists foods, which are bad or dangerous for your cat. Halls strongly advises against putting your cat on a vegetarian /vegan diet. For a good reason: cats are carnivores, which are not designed to eat meat-free. Chapter five gives general maintenance advice on how to groom your cat and administer medicine. Halls also describes the most common complementary therapies available for cats including Tellington TTouch, which is used to treat fears and phobias such as timidity or dislike of physical contact.

The next chapter covers everything on how to keep your cat happy and healthy in- and outdoors and includes advice on how to create a safe and cat friendly garden. The most common poisons for cats are listed, the symptoms for poisoning and what to do if your cat accidentally digests poisonous plants, medicine or household cleaners. The chapter finishes with a section on how to find a cattery or a reliable cat sitter and the necessary requirements when traveling with your cat.

Chapter seven is dedicated to the subject of multi-cat households and what to consider when taking in more than one cat. The chapter explains how cats communicate with each other and includes two charts, which help to “read” your cat and illustrate the body language and facial expressions of a cat.  It also includes a section on cat care when the owner is pregnant and how to introduce a kitten or new cat.

Readers familiar with Halls’ previous books will already have a clear insight into behavioral problems and chapter eight therefore gives just a brief A-Z of the most common problems from “Aggression to humans” to “Urine spraying”. A section on training shows you how you can teach your cat not to display certain unwanted behaviors such as begging at the table.

The final chapter “Middle-Age Spread and the Twilight Years” covers the middle-aged and elderly cat and has a useful section on weight loss. It advises on how to keep your cat active, how to deal with the special needs of an elderly cat and describes typical diseases that can develop in the older cat. It also contains a section on euthanasia and bereavement.

As a cat owner, who has read a lot of books on the subject, I was pleasantly surprised to learn new facts about cat care I didn’t know before. This book is a treasure-trove of useful advice - especially the appendices at the end. These cover answers to common questions about behavioral issues, a glossary of the most common veterinary terms and lists the 50 most common diseases.

Readers who enjoyed Vicky Halls’ previous books will love “The Complete Cat”. This is essential reading for all cat owners and those who want to add a cat to their life.

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