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Author: Robert Kalich


ISBN: 978-1-59692-372-0

An Exploration into the Dynamic Between Identical Twins.

“You were born together and together you shall be forevermore,.....
But let there be spaces in your togetherness.”

from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

These words were spoken by the Prophet in the book that goes by the same name when asked to comment on Marriage. This premise, however, applies just as well to the case of identical twins. Especially so, as in the case of the identical twins described in this book.

This book is essentially a detective thriller which builds on the close relationship between a pair of identical twins, when a woman with a problem of mistaken identity comes between them, pursuing both vigorously in order to seek personal and sexual fulfilment. The guilt experienced by the protagonist, Adam Remler, for betraying his beloved twin brother, provides the spur for Adam to investigate the antecedents of this woman. The story of that search provides the main content of this book. A good deal of the plot has to do with identical twins and the intense bonds they share with each other.

The dynamic of the identical twin relationship is explored at different levels, in this book, being compared to that between two close friends (both doctors) and also between another married couple who give birth to a pair of conjoined identical twins. The book has been written in the first person singular, and it is clear that the author documents his own experiences of being an identical twin in the guise of Adam Remler.

There is another side to the twin dynamic that has also been explored in this book. A side which shows that identical twins complement each other. Adam’s twin, David, is a famous writer, who writes mainly with his intellect. Adam, however, is more of a gambler, who challenges fate and often gets away with it. This material is also clearly autobiographical, Robert Kahlich has also written a book on betting, thus adding to the credibility factor of this book.

If there is a moral to the story, it is this: even identical twins can come too close to each other for mutual comfort, as the empathic bond between them can be severely tested by sexual misdemeanour from either side. This is also the author’s conclusion; personal space, even for identical twins, who have total access 24/7 is the key to optimal functioning for both. As summed up in “The Prophet”,

“Sing and dance and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone....
Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping,
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts”.

This book is a rolicking good read and holds one’s attention till the very end. The plot is well conceived, the characters ring true and the autobiographical element adds a strong touch of ground realism. This book has staying power, the ambience created by the book, lingered, long after I put it aside. You might want to reread it (as I did) to see how the jigsaw pieces fit together. A conversation with the author revealed that this was the book he enjoyed writing the most, it took him eleven years to do so.

I recommend this book strongly to all readers of

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