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Author: James A. O’Kon

Publisher: New Page Books; 1 edition (April 22, 2012)

ISBN-10: 160163207X

ISBN-13: 978-1601632074

As we inch closer to the cryptic December 21, 2012 date when the ancient Maya calendar seems to indicate that the civilization we’ve known will drastically change, The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology takes on newfound relevance.

Author James A. O'Kon, P.E. has earned renown as a professional engineer with decades of experience designing award-winning projects. For more than forty years, he investigated Maya engineering feats and lost Maya technology, journeying to more than fifty remote Maya sites. He amassed an incredible amount of material during his research, and much of that material overfills his new book. One wishes to experience him telling of his discoveries first-hand, but the next best thing is this superbly researched and well-written book that spreads his findings over more than 300 pages with nearly a hundred fascinating illustrations.

In 1995, O’Kon shocked the archaeological world with the discovery of a massive, lost landmark of Maya engineering, the long span suspension bridge at the ancient city of Yaxchilan in Mexico. The thrilling realization of his discovery and how he used modern methods to examine and prove the existence of the spectacular bridge encompasses just one of the many revelations in the book. O’Kon lifts the veil of mystery from this mammoth creation, and reveals other startling facts that have been lost beneath the sands of time

In 2012, why should we care? This and some of the other questions the author explores overfill the book with an amazing outlay of ideas and conclusions, including:

  • The Maya cosmic philosophy

  • The evolution of their scientific civilization

  • Their astronomical records

  • How the December 21, 2012 end of an era was calculated

From “The Mystery of the Codices” to “The Collapse of the Maya Civilization,” the author unfurls twelve splendidly written and informative chapters within a beautifully designed interior, topped off with an Epilogue, Bibliography, and Index, creating a must-have page turner that will enhance anyone’s library for years to come. The depth of research the author has compiled will enthrall history buffs and stimulate the uninitiated to desire to know more about the civilization that holds the record for the longest run in world history. The Maya had a long time to contemplate the universe and to develop their civilization to an unheard-of pinnacle, but then something happened that was so simple and yet so destructive that they were virtually wiped off the face of the earth, leaving behind little more than a few archeological relics to testify to their existence. Earth’s current inhabitants would do well to take note.

James O’Kon’s discoveries in Maya technology have been recognized by National Geographic Magazine and a production on The History Channel, among other publications, and readers of The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology will enjoy this entertaining and visually stunning presentation that’s available in both print and Kindle book editions. Whether you glean any life-changing ideas that will be of value to you on December 21, 2012 remains to be seen.

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