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Author: David Vince

Publisher: Langmarc Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-880292-45-7

Christian baseball coach David Vince knows about life’s ups and downs and writes about them in his memoir When Life Throws You Curves, Keep Swinging.

This one hundred and twenty page book has a soft front cover jacket with a photo of a baseball team praying in the dugout in the background with a large baseball in the foreground. The back jacket has three reviews from famous baseball coaches or players along with a short biography of the author.

There were no grammatical or typographical errors noticed. The writing style is in casual, not professional format so easy to read with only a few dangling prepositions.

The book starts with eight reviews, of which all three are also posted on the back jacket. There is a dedication, table of contents and introduction, with the actual book starting on page eleven. The book closes with contact information and an order form. There are several team and individual black and white photos (some grainy) along with a few family pictures throughout the book.

Vince’s main goal is to let the reader know that despite being born with no lower legs or feet, he over came a lot of the difficulties in life and acquired his dream of being a baseball coach, both at high school and college level. He takes the reader through each stage of his coaching career from disappointing jobs to his favored college coaching and back to high school teaching. He tells of his school year’s losses and wins, championships and special players or events along with his personal life of having three children, one of which has the same physical disability.

There is some redundancy in writing. For example, he mentions Romans 8:28 both at the beginning of the book (page 22) and again at the end (page 108). Chapter 6 on international baseball travel seems out of chronological order and the countries are again mentioned (page 115).

Vince gives God the glory for allowing him such a wonderful career in coaching baseball and living life at the fullest. He does not wallow in self-pity and doesn’t mention his handicap often. The reader will glean the most information on how to have a positive outlook despite set-backs in the last two chapters. Sport coaches will learn his four valuable teaching steps and slogans that include “be the hammer, not the nail,” “do what’s right,” and “hold the rope” along with his mantras of determination, dedication and desire.

This book would be well received by new coaches starting their career and wondering what to do next to challenge their team or those unsure of their own capabilities to look to God for direction.

Follow Here To Purchase When Life Throws You Curves, Keep Swinging