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Author: Ty Bollinger

Publisher: Infinity 510 Squared Partners

ISBN: 0-9788065-0-6

In this revised and updated version of his comprehensive book, the author takes a look at traditional, Western medical methods of treating cancer and dismisses them absolutely and with malice.

Bollinger is honest about the reasons he began investigating cancer therapies, namely the deaths of both of his parents from cancer, and spares no anger in disputing the claims of most medical doctors that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only tried-and-true methods for treating cancer. His ‘conspiracy theory’ rants are somewhat off-putting in the beginning, but if the reader can manage to swallow them with a grain of salt and move through to the bulk of the book, it is a wondrous read, indeed.

Bollinger has clearly done exhaustive research on alternative cancer treatments and the scientific basis behind them. He does a laudable job of breaking down difficult chemistry and biology processes into manageable lessons and cites the work of many scientists and doctors whose work he has studied. There is also no shortage of examples of conflicts of interest between physicians and universities performing studies on pharmaceuticals and manipulations of data, although those studies are only spoken of anecdotally in the book. I suspect it would be difficult to determine whether many of these “fraudulent” drug trials were performed with malicious intent to line the pockets of the drug companies and ignore the health of millions of individuals, and from time to time the anger and sarcasm with which Bollinger directs at what he calls the “Medical Mafia” unfortunately puts him squarely in the realm of fear-mongering conspiracy theorists.

I say unfortunately because the book is very well-written and contains a vast store of information that ultimately paints a picture of the human body as a magnificent machine, capable of healing itself. Cancer, Bollinger purports (as do many of the others he has worked with over the years), is simply the breakdown of our bodies’ immune system, which results in an inability to kill off the cells that have the potential to poison us. He patiently and meticulously educates the reader as to how to recapture the vitality of our own immune systems and harness that power to destroy cancer cells without resorting to costly, mostly ineffective, and tremendously damaging treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The book itself is somewhat overwhelming, in that there is so much information contained within that is not put into any sort of hierarchy. For example, there is an entire chapter on nutritious foods and supplements and each individual element is laid out in alphabetical order, with its attendant benefits, but there is no way for the reader to know how to decide which of these supplements to utilize on a regular basis. To purchase or consume each of the 42 items contained in this chapter would not only be incredibly costly, but it would likely take hours of planning to figure out how to incorporate them into your diet and/or lifestyle.

Overall, his message of changing our habits to incorporate healthier ones such as eating organically, eschewing preservatives and processed foods, exercising and avoiding toxins is an important one. For me, the book raised more questions about the likelihood of corruption within our capitalist medical model and encouraged me to continue examining how I take care of my body. I believe that many of the alternative cancer treatments detailed by Bollinger are probably effective and the preventative measures he writes about are vital to preserving health. I appreciate the enormous amount of work and time that went in to collecting the information contained in this book and think it is a valuable reference tool. For the vast majority of the population, however, many of the treatments and preventions will be financially out of reach. It may take a revolution for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to offer alternative treatments, and Bollinger is on his way to planting that seed with this book.

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