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Author: The Grabarchuk Family

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles


The latest in the series of puzzle e-books produced by the Grabarchuk Family, 103 Puzzle Quizzes is both entertaining and enlightening. With the puzzles advancing from relatively simple to the more complex and demanding, their colorfulness and instructive nature should appeal to many who wish to wile away the time or to recover from the stresses of the day. Think Mensa-type brain teasers geared towards the average (wo)man in the street and you’ll know roughly what to expect. The multiple-choice format means that you aren’t likely to be stumped by any of the puzzles – the focus is on fun, though the puzzles are likely to make you more flexible in your thinking as well.

One of the nicer things about the puzzles is that, as they are largely visual, your knowledge of the English language doesn’t need to be advanced in order to grasp what they are all about. In addition, they could make an ideal way in which to round off any IT instruction class at school or community college level. As one can note from the designated authors, arising as a combined family effort, the puzzles are suitably family-oriented, including content for all age groups. The layout is so easy to follow that even a complete newcomer to the e-world of books will have no difficulty in progressing from puzzle to solution and back.

I used the Kindle app for Windows to read this book, and found it truly user friendly. As an editor, I do most of my work on my laptop in my small den, overlooking our garden and sundry bird, cat and tortoise life, so the medium is most familiar to me. Also as an editor, however, I found that the occasional language slip in the book jarred somewhat, especially taking into consideration that there is relatively little text involved. For instance, “Which watch is working not correctly?” should read “Which watch is not working correctly?” (But then, of course, you’ve most probably heard the old one of editors being overly picky and anally retentive…).

All in all, though, this book is instructive and fun, deserving a place on any keen puzzler’s e-book reader. Can’t wait for the next one…

Follow Here To Purchase Puzzlebook: 103 Puzzle Quizzes (color and interactive!)