AuthorsL Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel

Publisher: New Page Books ( 1edition (May 22, 2012)

ISBN-10: 1601632223

ISBN-13: 978-1601632227


Will governments of the world finally reveal the truth about alien contact?

Authors Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel have spent years pondering the answer to that question, and then they wondered what would happen in the wake of such a disclosure if the US Government chose to admit that there exists irrefutable evidence of one or more alien contacts. 

Whether you’ve been a long-time believer in Extra Terrestrials (ETs), or “Others,” as the authors call them, an ambivalent but open-minded doubter, or a smirking disbeliever, holding this huge 335-page book for the first time feels like you’re clutching a time bomb, especially when you first read the twelve comments posted on the back cover, front cover, and the first two interior pages by famous individuals from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell to Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, X-Men, and the Avengers. You feel as if the authors have stacked up a powerfully convincing pile of documents that pull back the veil of secrecy about outer space aliens, and you can’t wait to dig into the book. Dolan and Zabel do not disappoint.  

The gist of the book is that government and military cover-ups have pulled the wool over our eyes ever since the 1940s, but that we will soon witness their admission that contact with alien civilizations has been made . . . and we will experience dire consequences in the repercussions of their revelation. Life on Earth will never be the same. History books will have to be rewritten, trust in our leaders will have to be re-established, and our various religious faiths may be irrevocably altered. With extensive photographs, and a compelling Foreword by Jim Marrs (New York Times best-selling author of Alien Agenda), their groundbreaking new book constructs spine-tingling, enlightening scenarios surrounding the end of UFO secrecy.  Some may one day regard this book as one of the most important books published during recent years.  

You may wonder what could possibly trigger authorities to take such a mind-blowing change of position on an issue that has been hotly debated for decades while simultaneously shrouded in secrecy. The authors explain, “Something will start the process toward Disclosure . . . it could be an undeniable mass sighting of a UFO. But it might also be a compelling revelation from Wikileaks or some other citizen-based group that hacks into classified records. It may be the appearance of physical evidence discovered in the attic of a Roswell witness. Or perhaps a deathbed confession by an ex-president or prominent general who sees a chance for immortality by speaking the truth. It could be a foreign government, such as China, Russia, or Brazil, acting unilaterally. It could also be the Others themselves . . . .”

The evidence that something strange has been happening resonates through their voluminous and compelling research. The authors tackle crucial questions such as: Who are these alien civilizations? What do they want? Why would some of our own people keep the news of their arrival from the rest of us? What will unmasking a truth of this magnitude do to our reality, our way of life, our culture, our society? Could these beings be full-time residents of our world already? Are they time travelers? Are they merely demons masquerading as ETs and led by the bright and morning star of the forces of evil during the Bible’s long-prophesied Grand Deception of the End Times that will mislead even the world’s elect?


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