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Jennifer Andrew

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By Jennifer Andrew
Published on April 2, 2012

Author: Derek Pugh

ISBN:  9781742840802

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Author: Derek Pugh

ISBN:  9781742840802

Derek Pugh is an experienced teacher and  school principal who often lectures on the brain.  His The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain is designed to educate parents and teachers in the ways of the teenage brain.

As a teenager, my brain was a plethora of random thoughts buzzing with school, friends, self image, boys and family.  I couldn't keep it all contained and sleeping was a challenge.  To produce a book that reaches out to parents and teachers, with the insight on how a teenager's mind works, is a must have book.

The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain has three main sections.  Section one, Brain Structure and Function, deals with the practicality of the brain and it's functions.  Section two, The Five Secrets in Preparing Your Brain for Learning, deals with what a teenager needs to have his or her brain function with the necessities of sleep, water, breakfast, exercise and a healthy diet.  The final section, How Now To Your Future, explains the teenage brain on a personal level and the reasons for the heightened emotions and changes in thinking.

The teenage period, growing from middle school to adulthood, is difficult.  It is the best time to figure our yourself and where you see yourself in the world.  To get empathy and understanding from teachers and parents, makes the transition easier.

Derek Pugh brings a book that helps with the understanding and transition.  If you have a teenager, The Owners's Guide to the Teenage Brain, should be an asset to have in your possession and well worth the read.

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