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Author: Michele Kallio

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0408-9

Growing up on the historical novels of Thomas B. Costain, Anya Seton and Zoe Oldenbourg I developed a real taste for good historical fiction and the Tudors did indeed inspire a lot of it.  From Anne of A Thousand Days, made in 1969 with Richard Burton as Henry VIII to the more recent film The Other Boleyn Sister, the tragic story of Anne Boleyn has inspired a considerable amount of modern day speculation and rightfully so.

The mystery of her rise and demise is as intriguing as the mystery that forms the basis for The Da Vinci Code and Betrayal is, in my opinion, a much better book. Both modern day and historical characters are portrayed with a depth of psychological acumen that makes them believable and immediate. The chapters alternate between two fascinating stories, the romantic relationship of Lydia and Dan which is constantly interrupted by a series of mysterious nightmares afflicting Lydia and the speculative story of how Anne Boleyn was set up and sentenced to death by beheading for adultery, incest and treason.

Clearly there is a connection between the two that is revealed in due time at the end. The plotline starts slowly and builds steadily to a crescendo with a righteous and fortunate ending for all.  Melded into the consummate mystery writing are thought provoking commentaries on topics that include reincarnation and the rescue of mistreated animals, revealing the author’s interest in social issues.

So how do you feel about all this regression and past life stuff Dan?”

To tell the truth George I don’t know. I mean past lives affecting present life? I just don’t know. . .  . I was raised to believe that this is it. Make it or break it, our once chance of salvation. Sure, I’d like to believe in reincarnation especially as a doctor who sees the injustice of physical and mental handicaps. One who sees so much suffering in the world.” Dan paused to collect his thoughts. “For many people one chance is not enough. Suppose, George, this is it. What of the sick, the poor the masses of humanity who will never experience a full belly or a cupful of our wealth?  Can God be so cruel to condemn millions to such suffering?  (p.219)

At 481 pages this book is lengthy but well worth the extended journey back and forth in time and across the ocean.  I highly recommend Betrayal to readers interested in history, psychology, reincarnation and suspenseful mysteries. It should be noted that the author’s story of what happened in the mid 1530s is completely imagined but so believably enmeshed in actual history that it seems a highly credible theory.

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