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Title: Lemon Curd
Author: Homa Pourasgari
ISBN: 13:978-0-9779780-0-7:  10:0:9779780-0-1
Publisher: Linbrook Press

Homa Poursagari’s debut novel, Lemon Curd is a good old- fashioned romance story, however in this case the author has adopted a refreshing different approach from today’s usual run-of-the mill love stories that resemble nothing more than pornography where more ink is devoted to hot steamy graphic sex scenes rather then the story itself.

 It all begins one morning in a British specialty food store in Santa Monica, California between two business executives, one an American, Anna Lisa Gibson and the other, an Englishman Neil Scott Whittaker. As Anna Lisa is waiting patiently for the store’s grocery clerk to reach up to the top shelf and hand her the last jar of lemon curd, Neil shows up and grabs it for himself.

Quite indignant, Anna Lisa tells Neil that the lemon curd belongs to her to which Neil arrogantly replies that there is nothing mentioned on the jar that indicates that she is the owner. Little do these two know that they both will become colleagues at the same prestigious advertising company, Howard Brown & Co and will be involved in a very important account. In fact, both will also be sharing the same office space.

Poursagari creates two very similar protagonists whom at the onset you would never believe would fall in love with each other. Both are independent, opinionated, stubborn, controlling, and have a tendency to tell you that it is either my way or the highway. In addition, Anna Lisa is obsessively in love with someone who turns out to be quite a cad while in a few months Neil intends to marry someone who is painted as a spoiled immature rich young woman who lives in England.  You have to agree that this is certainly not exactly the perfect formula for a love match but rather a prescription for a disastrous relationship, particularly when you have a great deal of sneering, snarling, and lip-curling that goes on between Anna Lisa and Neil!

While Lemon Curd is basically a love story and for the most part character driven, it also subtly interweaves a few thought-provoking themes touching on such topics as mistaken love, trust, obsessive behavior, refusal to accept reality, jealousy, failure to move on after a relationship break-up, and insecurity.

Despite some weaknesses common to debut authors such as too much telling and not enough showing, insertion of some shallow dialogue and inclusion of scenes that are irrelevant that do very little to move the plot along, Poursagari still manages to craft an addictive yarn that will likely be devoured in one sitting. And perhaps the story may even entice some of you to put down your own camera and take the time to see what’s going on in your own life.

Homa Pourasgari was born in Iran and at the age of twelve moved to the United States to learn English. She has a business degree and attended La Sorbonne in France for one year focusing on literature.

She is multilingual and presently lives in Los Angeles, California. Lemon Curd is her first novel.

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