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Author: Dina Wolfman Baker

ISBN: 978 0615 44752 0

Publisher: Baker’s Dozen

How do you say goodbye to someone you love? You really never can nor should you. The void you feel in your heart is the emptiness left when you finally realize that person’s physical body and presence is gone but their spirit, love and your memories will be there forever. I remember Mommy’s Smile, is a special book written to tell the story of one 11-year-old girl’s journey with the death of her mother from the first time she heard the word cancer to the day it took her away. Remembering the time they talked about how old she would be when she turned 75 and the times she visited her in the hospital and how she was proud to be there for her mom and help her in many ways, author Dina Wolfman Baker has written a book that adults, children, grandparents and guidance counselors can use as a model to help everyone learn to deal with the sudden death of a parent. No matter when a parent or family member dies it is always too soon. Whether it is from Cancer or Alzheimer’s, which took my mom last year, you are never really ready or prepared.

As the author takes the reader through the final moments of her mom’s life and her frustration at not being able to go to the hospital herself to spend time with her mom, it is wonderful that she had the support and understanding of her father, brothers and grandmother to help guide her every step of the way. From the special gin rummy games to the dance recital that she come to Dina remembers so much and shares so much about her mom, Zelda Wolfman.

Explaining what happens during the funeral, taking the reader through the final moments before the coffin is lowered and allowing the young child in the story to express her grief and sadness would help other children, adults and young adults understand what is happening and take away some of the fear. Dealing with school and her friends was not easy and the support they gave her and the understanding they showed her was remarkable and kind.

The illustrations are perfect and so very colorful. The sadness in her eyes quite evident in some, the joy and happiness shines through in others. Heartfelt and true story that will help everyone understand how to deal with the death of a loved one and how to move on in a positive way with your life. As the realization sets in and your life moves in slow motion you remember the special times, the great memories and she remembers her mother’s special smile.

There are so many people that would benefit from reading this book and just looking at the pictures and understanding not just from the storyline but from the pictures how difficult this topic is and how sensitive many adults are to it too. Losing a parent is hard and losing a sibling equally as hard. Cancer takes so many lives every day. It is one illness that we hope they will find a cure within our lifetime. I Remember Mommy’s Smile, is more than just a book about one young girl’s journey with death and saying goodbye to her mom. It is one young girl’s and one author’s way to keep the light in her heart shining and her mother’s smile always with her when she closes her eyes or just needs her.

Let’s dedicate this review to the memory of Zelda Wolfman.

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