Inspiration for writing can manifest itself in myriad ways. It is important therefore to pay attention to the tenor and tone of your writing. Your personality will shine through.

For me, the foremost motivation to write is to share a story which may resonate with the readers and possibly motivate them to express themselves. Many of us undergo similar experiences in life and my sharing my take on it might just provide that different outlook that you may not have had. Just as we must find inspiration to write, we must also craft writing that inspires.

The first ingredient in the inspiration recipe for writing is motivation or more precisely emotion. Something must move us to write. It can be a cause, a crusade, a mission but it must be greater than just us.

If I write to tell you what activities I went through without bringing in the emotional quotient, it is of no value to you. You want to feel emotions when you read. You want to know the "why" more than the "what" of it.

The next ingredient for inspiration is sharing. I am inspired to write because I wish to share my experience with you for the purpose of benefiting you with something good that you can obtain or something bad that you can avoid. I wish to ensure that you do not re-invent the wheel, so to say. The explosion of the Internet juggernaut has basically been for this purpose of sharing stories. Thousands avoid pain and problems by reading stories that have been shared by others

The third inspiration for writing is my own philosophy. I would like to clarify my thoughts by indulging in this method of expression. Further, by committing to writing whatever philosophy I follow I am giving it commitment and validation. Having conviction in one's philosophy is paramount to articulating it in writing. You cannot proceed to write on something that you do not believe in.

Finally, I am inspired to write because I wish to reach a global audience. I wish to spread my message to the farther corners of the global. As said earlier, the Internet has made this a no brainer. My writing is not just a one on one monologue, it is a dialogue with a huge audience.

However, at the end of the day, writing must tap into our sub-conscious, for there resides the mightiest source of inspiration. The tell tale indication of an inspired piece of writing is when it gushes out without apparent effort and carries with it deep meaning and a philosophy which one never thought resided in us. It is like discovering oneself and writing regularly reveals our personalities in ways we never imagined.

Alduous Huxley said: Experience is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you.

Do something with that experience of yours. Create a voice for sharing that experience. Your story and experience are as unique as your DNA. It will deliver that much needed dose of inspiration for your writing effort.