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Author: Jan Welborn-Nichols
Publisher: Market Arts, Inc.

Do you believe in magic lunch boxes that can communicate through magical notes or talk to your mind? Do you believe a person can open up doors that will carry them across the galaxy? If not, then you need to meet Henrietta Sharp and her motley crew of travelers!

Henrietta, or better yet Henri, considers herself to be a smart girl. As a matter of fact she reads the dictionary for fun. But, there is just one problem, Henri is a little plump. She wishes she could be more of a fashionesta like her best friend Taffy. As Henri changes clothes for the last gym class of the year, she has a very strange encounter. The lights flicker and the wall becomes wavy. Suddenly, Henri hears voices calling her name, beckoning her to prepare to travel. It has been a long year for Henri. She avoided the mean girls, avoided eating in front of people and now this. She wonders if she is going crazy.

As it stands, Henri won't be alone on her adventure. Her brainiac cousin P.J., who often spends the summers with her while his father, the professor, is away on digs, will be assisting her. Taffy will be joining this team as well. Henri's new found friend and traveler guide, L.B., short for lunch box is there to explain the rules of Henri's new found purpose. What is Henri's new found purpose? She comes from a long line of travelers. These travelers open portals all over the universe. Basically, Henri has a super power. In order for her to embark on this amazing adventure she must first learn how to use her powers. Henri and the gang visit P.J.'s school to find and activate a magic medallion. Their quest is to save a land troubled by the Star Lord, a really bad guy who has the power of the stars and could be the most awful and dangerous villain in the universe. Henri must summon the courage to battle him and save the universe.

Nichols has done an excellent job of creating a fantastic and believable journey. There are so many twists and turns and young readers will be able to relate to and root for all of the wonderful characters. The voice of each character is realistic and funny. Kids will pick which one they are like and really get engaged in the story. There are so many wonderful underlying messages in this story. Kids will see how Henri finds courage through friendship. Readers will learn how to eat healthy and pick up a few nutritious snack recipes too. Believe it or not kids will learn the benefits of walking. Parents and teachers will love this for kids, especially since it can open up dialogue for diet, exercise and what excessive sugar can do to a body. Well done!

About the author:

Jan Welborn-Nichols really was born in Peculiar, Missouri. Now that she lives in Bloomington Illinois she is near to Normal, the town next door. Jan was a chubby kid who survived a trying adolescence of bad skin, ugly glasses, and plus size clothes. She has been an opera singer, a cubicle drudge, a black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, an entrepreneur, and is the owner of Market Arts Creative. Henrieta Sharp and the Magic Lunch Box is the first in a series.

Follow Here To Purchase Henrietta Sharp and the Magic Lunch Box (The Continuing Adventures of Henrietta Sharp)