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Author: Valerie B. Lull
ISBN: 978-1432784935
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Ten Healthy Teas by Valerie B. Lull is a very simple and concise introduction to tea, and also contains some limited information in regard to the potential health benefits of certain teas.  Being only 39 pages long (some of those pages being taken up by photographs) it does not go into much detail and would therefore only be suitable as a starting point for those who want to find out a bit more about tea but who perhaps don’t have much time. The book does contain references at the back suggesting further reading for people who would like more information about the health benefits of tea.  The author does stress at the beginning that the book is not intended to replace medical advice.

Ten Healthy Teas is a quick book to read and a handy reference guide for someone who would like to try different teas.  There are many recipes for healthy teas contained in each chapter. The author has suggested different types of teas that go well together, or other ingredients that complement the flavour of each tea.

Although the information is limited, it is an educational book as it does point out the potential benefits and effects of each tea discussed in the book. It includes some nice black and white photographs of the various teas and the plants/fruits from which they are derived.

Many of the teas listed in the book will be familiar to most people, if only because the sale of herbal teas is quite big business these days.  Having said that, I did learn a couple of new ideas for tea.  I hadn’t known that garlic is used to make tea, and I didn’t know much about Goldenseal. It was also interesting to learn about some of the uses for the various teas, and I was also surprised to learn about a couple of the potential side effects of drinking certain types of tea.

In Ten Healthy Teas, Valerie B. Lull has chosen ten of her favourite teas, including Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger, Raspberry, and Echinacea, and has briefly described their healing properties or potential benefits (she is currently studying herbalism).  She has suggested different recipes for each type of tea.  It is written in a very clear and informal way. It is the type of book you can refer to again and again.
‘Ten Healthy Teas’ would make a nice gift for someone who is new to tea drinking, or someone who would like to experiment with different types of tea.

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