Moving Your Book Forward: Creating a Buzzworthy Book! Contributed To By Nadia Janice Brown
Nadia Janice Brown

Nadia Janice Brown works as a book promoter for Author & Book Promotions.  Her poetry and articles have appeared in national and international magazines, and literary journals. She is the author of Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet and the award-winning book Unscrambled Eggs. Nadia can be reached through her WEB SITE

By Nadia Janice Brown
Published on March 22, 2012
Nadia Janice Brown Sums Up How To Move Your Book Forward

 What is lunacy? It is for authors to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Those who aspire to being bestselling authors must have a plan, and their success must be on purpose. You must be strategic and be willing to analyze what works and what is ineffective. The writing industry does not afford you the opportunity of going without direction. And if you don’t know by now, planning how you will promote your book should begin before your book is in print! Authors should research the marketing process ahead of their book’s publication. Book promoting is a game of chess—your moves (decisions) must be contemplated and thought through thoroughly in advance.

Here are ways you can create buzz for your books: (This takes into account that the author has created a good book and is continuing to improve in his/her craft.)

·        Be innovative in your marketing approach                      ‚Äč            

·        Submit your book to major book awards that provides monetary prizes

·        Apply for writing grants

·        Submit your book review to prominent book reviewers

The mind is a powerful instrument and can get you what you desire.

It is not about working harder, but being able to promote your book more effectively. The keys to marketing are the abilities of authors in being innovative and their abilities to maximize their exposure (how best authors can generate exposure). Authors must use their imagination to expand their fan base, establish a writing career, or to become a bestselling author. This will require authors using their creativity and their ability to think outside of the box to generate the kind of exposure they desire. For example, author Seth Harwood used free audio podcasts of his novel and built a huge fan base online. His novel is now published with Random House.  It is important for authors to also look at nontraditional ways to selling books.

Authors should concentrate on submitting their novels to major book awards; apply for writing grants, and submit their books to prominent reviewers. These suggestions should be implemented throughout your book marketing process. In other words, don’t settle for the small stuff! This is not to say, that you can’t or should never do anything else. But a majority of your time should be spent doing the type of marketing that will give you the best chance to create a book worthy book.