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By David W. Menefee
Published on March 19, 2012

Author: Wyndi Warren

Publisher: CreateSpace 

ISBN-10: 1466334967

ISBN-13: 978-1466334960


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Author: Wyndi Warren

Publisher: CreateSpace 

ISBN-10: 1466334967

ISBN-13: 978-1466334960

For those who crave an emotional attachment to real life characters, situations that range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and a meaningful mission worth sharing with others, reading Wyndi Warren’s Angel With A Tail may be the perfect book. For all ages, Wyndi’s heartwarming story of her life with a remarkable German Shepherd, Sabre, makes for a page turner.  

The greatest beauty is found in the hearts of those who love, but how do you cope with the losing the one you love? In Angel With A Tail, Wyndi Warren lovingly retraces her adventures with the dog she dreamed of from childhood and her cherished "angel with a tail." He taught her to be a better person and drew many people and other animals to him with his engaging personality. No one suspected their blissful happiness would ever fade away. 

From their first encounter, Wyndi and Sabre were unsure whether they were meant for each other. Sabre had been shunted from one caregiver to another, and he was reluctant to fully connect with Wyndi, but after she adopted the eighty-pound puppy, time soothed his ruffled tail feathers, and soon, the two were house hunting. Once in their new home, a happy little girl Shepherd joined them, and the threesome emerged to become the hit of their neighborhood. 

Sabre developed Degenerative Myelopathy, a fatal disease that affected many purebred and mixed breeds. Wyndi almost did not survive the initial shock when her Veterinarian pronounced his prognosis:

 “What is Degenerative Myelopathy? Ronnie, I've never heard of it.”

 “It's when the spinal cord starts degenerating. Nobody knows why, or what causes it, but I'm starting to hear of it more and more. It causes paralysis from the rear end first. There’s no known cure.”

 Ronnie stopped speaking, but he was carefully watching my face as the blood drained away and my eyes started to tear. The words “no cure” ricocheted through my head like steel ball bearings thrown at a hundred miles an hour, bouncing against my skull, shredding my fragile veil of hope.

 Breathe! I demanded silently, screaming at myself, while my heart raced at the speed of light. I could only hear the rush of blood throbbing in my ears. My breathe came in gasps. The world brightened obscenely into a sudden explosion of yellow that darkened with the threat of turning into black. I thought, I’m going to pass out!

 Sabre drifted over to me, and tentatively, I released my hold on the table. I knelt beside him, sinking my face into his thick black coat and fighting back tears.

 I asked the questions everyone in my position asks. “How long, and what can you do for him?”

 I couldn't absorb his answers through my clashing thoughts. His voice merged with other voices I heard drifting in from distant rooms along with the sound of doors opening and closing.

     “Every dog is different.”

     “Months or maybe years.”


     “Regular exercise.”

     All these words and the other sounds receded into the vague equivalent of a hall of mirrors echoing scattered remnants of useless conversation and disjointed phrases.

     I wanted to grab Sabre up in my arms, run away, and take him home with me. I needed time to think.

     Ronnie sensed that I was shutting down. He spoke slowly. “We need to wait a little longer, watch him, and bring him back in a couple of weeks.” 

     I managed to nod my agreement, clutching Sabre's fur in desperation until I could get up from the floor.

     I left grasping notes about his regimen of vitamins and an appointment for our return, yet my self-control no longer belonged to me. Somehow I drove back home, but I was only going through the motions.

     Sabre’s struggle drew Wyndi into a newfound awareness of the common disease and how to cope with the inevitable. For yourself or a friend going through a similar struggle with an older dog, Sabre’s legacy serves as a guide through the shocking first awareness to a final celebration of life now and forever after. Enjoy his inspiring story--and share the extraordinary tale with someone you love.

     After a forty-year career that led her from counseling and consulting with police departments to landscape design, author Wyndi Warren embarked on an incredible new career in writing. From humble beginnings establishing her roots with showing and training German Shepherds, she offers her voice in the fight against Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Wyndi's first work,
Angel With a Tail, has touched many with an inspiring story of love and determination triumphing through adversity. Wyndi Warren lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.

     A portion of
Angel With a Tail proceeds will be donated to DM research, and the book is available for rescue organizations to use in fundraising efforts. Visit, or contact Wyndi at, or visit Wyndi on Facebook. 

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