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Author: Travis Morgan

Publisher: Ominous Light Publishing

ISBN: 13: 978-0-9837118-0-8

ISBN: 10: 0-983-71180-1

The long title of this handy paperback pretty much tells you why you should buy the book. It might also be called “Handbook for Parents and Worried Mates.” (I’m just joking, dear.) With nice large type and clear illustrations, you see what to be looking at on the screen in order to peek into someone’s computer activity to determine if something funny is going on. Funny it is not when it involves the safety of youngsters. It is clear that is where this author’s gravest concerns lie. He tells us he was a childhood victim of sexual predators.

Morgan has 20 years of IT education and work experience. He now is blind and working at home. His gift of clarity will help parents and teachers remain alert to malicious behavior on the Internet. It will help business owners, and co-workers aware of what their employees and colleagues may be up to that is not productive, nor healthy. Gambling is one example.

Before you start using this book alongside a computer you want to hack, note that one of the most important tips Morgan shares is a warning: Every state, municipality, or any other governing entity has its own laws regarding privacy and search procedures, so do not go snooping around until you know what restrictions you may be under. That said, you do have the right to guard your child’s safety and guide his/her behavior. For that purpose, Morgan goes into detail about the various ways to set the computer or router to do that. He also reminds the reader that it makes sense to “do the easy thing first” and that is to ask the person (for whom you are responsible) for their password. If that person refuses to give it up, there may be reason to worry. This guide meets the threats of instant messaging, social media, chat, video, webcam and file sharing. It shows you how to explore the icons meant to dispose of items, including Recycle Bin, Trash, Delete and the very tricky Undo, if you are looking for signs of misuse.

Morgan acknowledges the technology will continue to evolve. Therefore, he has focused on the concepts of the World Wide Web that will remain more-or-less constant. There’s a wonderful glossary at the back of the book and an invitation to his website for more explanations and lists of software and hardware. Another pleasant bonus is that your purchase of this book results in a donation to one of the organizations set up to protect kids from Internet abuse.

Follow Here To Purchase Catch Me If You Know How - Internet Edition