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Author: Mar Preston

ISBN: 978-0984495207

Publisher: Create Space

Local opposition to establishing casinos in Santa Monica is the basis for this murder mystery by author Mar Preston. Activist Ginger Sinclair teamed up with Councilwoman Kathleen Dyson to try and stop the vote from going in favor of legalizing gambling in this city. But, casinos are moneymakers and billions of dollars can be brought in but someone decided to stop the vote cold by committing murder. Ginger Sinclair was on her way home when she received a call from Kathleen to get her glasses in her to deliver a speech at the art glass center. Tired and really not wanting to do anything but go home and relax she backtracks, goes to her office gets the glasses and falls prey to the wiles of the same killer that murdered her friend. Reporting the crime does not prove to be a positive experience nor does it eliminate her as a suspect. Detective Dave Mason is assigned the case and treats Ginger as his primary suspect from the start. 

Dave Mason does not have just the murder to handle. His soon to be ex-wife calls him moments before he gets the call about the homicide focusing his attention on his daughter and family. Bullying in schools is a primary issue we read about in the newspapers or on the net when kids are victimized in cyberspace and in school. His daughter refuses to go to school and creates false illnesses and excuses to stay home much to the frustration of her mother who needs his help. Whether it is bullying in school or bullying others to change their views on political issues such as legalizing gambling and brining casinos these situations often turn out unfavorable as Councilwoman Kathleen Dyson learned when going against the those who wanted to bring Santa Monica into the world big money and casino gambling.

Dealing with the fact that she is the primary suspect in this murder investigation weighs heavily on Ginger’s mind yet winning the vote at polls weighs even more. Warned by her father and brother that the killer might come after her only adds to her fear and her stress. But, will she heed their warnings or will Ginger forge ahead and stop at nothing to get what she wants as one killer will do the same. The developers stand to make a fortune as the activities try to countermand their efforts. Imagine more jobs, unions, taxes, higher rents, recognition for the tribe and more tourists on one side of the dice. On the negative side some feel as does Ginger gambling would bring in more crime, prostitution, corruption and violence hence the murder.

 Author Mar Preston presents her research into the world of gambling, casinos and the framework behind the gaming laws. Developers stand to gain.  There are many secrets that will be uncovered before the killer is unmasked.

One detective who does not appreciate the interference of our activist yet can’t resist the opportunity to see her and is dealing with issues around his daughter and searching for acceptance from her friends. One smart activist who is willing to risk it all to attain her goals and fight for what she believes.  Many voices are heard and many opinions given as to who killed Kathleen Dyson. One woman would be in danger and one killer will try to silence her before all is said and done.  Added into the mix is the chemistry you can feel between McNair and Mason which is electrifying at times but held at a safe distance.  With his partner Delgado and his entire team Mason feverishly works to meet the deadline to solve the case but can he? What really keeps the reader’s interest is the author’s research that she shares with the reader on gaming and how it works.

Then, something happens to refocus Mason to handle his daughter’s problem that is going on blind eyes in her school. Bullies are really clever and often elude detection by some educators that do not watch for the warning signs. Understanding the rationale how initiatives get passed and their relationship to the Indian Tribes to get the casino on tribal lands is quite interesting.

One important piece of information leaked to Ginger would turn the roulette while in her favor but is it enough? Greed power, lies and manipulations and killer so filled with hate destruction stopping at nothing short of murder and kidnapping. How far will the killer go to bring down the coalition? Is time running out for Ginger and will Mason get there in time? Who gets caught in the crossfire? Author Mar Preston brings to light what happens when politics, corruption take over and the rights of a community are infringed. One smart cop, ones feisty activist and one smart nine year old that just might follow in her father’s footsteps. How this all plays out you need to read for yourself and find out the surprise ending that just might make you think twice before rolling the dice.

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