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Author: Dr. Kirby Surprise

Publisher: New Page Books; 1 edition (February 22, 2012)

ISBN-10: 1601631839

ISBN-13: 978-1601631831


How many times have you been thinking of calling someone when the telephone rings and you are surprised to hear that person calling you? Do such synchronized events happen so often that you have wondered whether the events are coincidental or by some other force?

Dr. Kirby Surprise’s new book, Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Change, and Unlocking Your Mind, proves that such events are not accidental oddities of life; they are influenced by our minds and mirror our deepest hopes and fears. 

Dr. Surprise, a licensed psychologist, lays out practical evidence along with fascinating real life examples that highlight how a Synchronistic Event (SE) can often by determined by what we consider, desire, or ignore. Remember how your mother used to warn, “Be careful what you wish. You just might get it!” According to his cases in point, your mother was right. We have an amazing ability to create an SE from an innate, natural spring within the computational model of our minds. Your mind plans and imagines what it wants to find in the future, decides what patterns it wants to look for, and influences reality to provide the circumstances and opportunities we seek. The Bible sums up this same philosophy as “Seek and ye shall find.” Dr. Surprise echoes this wisdom with “The universe you are experiencing right now is a construct built in your brain’s memory.” In other words, you’ve been seeking something, and if you’ll look around you, what you seek is probably right there.   

The book features a six-page Index and a seven-page Bibliography, proving that Dr. Surprise spent a great deal of time researching his subject and annotating his sources, but have no fear that such an esteemed professional will write in a style that zooms way over your head. Dr. Surprise also has a wicked sense of humor, and he never misses a crag in his detailed instructions where he can place a thumb tack in the chair where he invites one of his points to sit and rest. A light-hearted vein threads throughout the work, which is helpful due to the serious nature of the circumstances that often drive us to think that SE’s just might be the product of our overactive imagination, or an SE might be a sign that you are going crazy. Understanding synchronicity will show that you are not losing your mind. You are a conscious co-creator of your reality, the miracle of your brain’s processes can help you set the stage for a better today. Live in the moment.    

Dr. Surprise provides the reader with signposts, amusing explanatory examples of how an SE occurred in someone’s life, and then he explains how that illustration illuminates the truth behind each chapter. You must decide your own goals and how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go in pursuit of a greater understanding of how you can influence events. You will enjoy the easily accessible style the book uses to examine the way we co-create our reality.

These days, some people consider buying a new book to be a major investment, and such a purchase does invest money, time, and effort, but you always hope that the work will enrich your life in some way. This book will enlighten you to realize unimagined new resources that you already have within yourself to manage more knowledgeably your reality, unlock your vast resources of connectivity and creativity, and change from living as separate beings to living within a unified whole. Tap into the possibilities. The outlay may provide the biggest dividends you could have ever desired. In fact, if you’re reading this review to the end, you may find that something has just happened to you that can only be described as a synchronistic event (SE). Buy the book. You’ll understand why.

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