Author:  Brandilyn Collins

ISBN: 9781433671630

Publisher: B&H Books

Cherrie Mae is an about to find out some shocking and disturbing news about the Mayor of a small town. While cleaning the Mayor’s study she finds a file containing some graphic pictures that will send chills down her spine and fear in the hearts of anyone living in Amaryllis a small town in Mississippi. Written from the point of view of three specific characters, each telling her own version of what they think happened to six women brutally murdered and stuffed inside their own closet after the killer was done with them, this is one story that will haunt you for quite some time. Two white women and one black housekeeper will tell the story in their own way in their own distinct dialect. One serial killer is going around killing women and each of these women thinks she knows whom the murderer might be. One thinks its her own husband, another her brother and the third a prominent man. Just who this diabolical killer is remains to be seen. But, first we need to read further and unfold some basic facts.

 Deena is a hairdresser and presents her own take on the events as her brother arrives at her home covered in blood. Angered easily and not extremely bright, she fears he just have killed victim number 6 Erika Hollinger.  Tully is married to Michael who had an affair with Erika and the events described in her own words might lead the reader to think he is the guilty party. Finally, just what did Cherrie Mae find in the Mayor’s house that might point the finger at him? Five women stabbed to death with a knife in their neck and stuffed in their bedroom closets. A definite MO of this killer as the sixth if found. Then the author goes back to Cherrie Mae who has to decide what she is going to do next. All three women having some item of memento of that night when Erika as killed. Cherrie touched her ring; Tully two cotton swabs stained in blood and Deena a uniform. Who was the ghost that guarded the cemetery and greeted the mourners? Gone to Ground seen above the stones. Eerie and bone chilling to say the least.

One relentless reporter named Trent Williams will do anything to find out what really happened in this town Gone To Ground and turned upside down. Writing the article, getting the Pulitzer for it and questioning the three women he hoped to get something to not only help the police but for his paper too.

The women get together and learn from each other that all three men have a motive to have murdered this last victim. Together they try to figure out who the real killer is. Imagine that this killer lives among the people in this small town and is one of their friends hiding in very plain sight. Cherrie Mae’s children want her to come live with them. Tully is stuck in a definite rut with Mike and Deena could run away from it all with Trent. Throughout the novel the author shares Trent’s upfront and up close thoughts about the murders, the history of the town, the cemetery’s resident ghost and the people who live there including the Chief of Police. Arresting Deena’s brother on circumstantial evidence insights her and draws action from not only Deena to defend Stevie but Trent too. But, why won’t they ask for help from the State Police? What are they hiding or afraid of?

When all of the pieces come into place Cherrie, Deena and Tully are going together and discuss the case and what they all know. Gathered together they shared information that would send a chain of events in motion to hopefully catch a killer. One woman will do everything to defend her brother while another is afraid of the wrath and abuse of her husband and one woman named Cherrie will not give up until the right person is caught. Remember the Amaryllis is a flower, which is poisonous almost like what goes on in this town. The end result you won’t figure out and who the killer was well that is quite interesting. The Mayor is confronted by Cherrie Mae his wife thinks she betrayed them and the whole town finds out the unbelievable truth about a killer that was hiding right in plain sight. Gone to Ground is a mystery thriller that will not only keep you guessing until the last page is turned but will let you know what happens when on author creates three tough women who won’t stop until justice is served. This is a must read.


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