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 Author: Jeanne Ray

 ISBN: 978-030739505-04

 Publisher: Crown Publishers


Can you see me? Where have I gone.”? Clover Hobart experiences something that most women do but not in the same way. Looking deep into her bathroom mirror the image staring back at her is faceless. Everyone ages differently and many find it difficult dealing with the hands of time when wrinkles, frown lines and sags become part of their appearance. Some women opt for facelifts others Botox. Clover just wants to be noticed or seen. Waking up and finding her gone or invisible were frightening and possibly a wake up call not just for her but for her family too. Phoning her husband at work yielded no results or reaction from his overwhelmed receptionist. Arthur Hobart is a great doctor and was so immersed in his practice and worrying about his patients he had little time for Clover.

Invisibility is a word with multiple meanings. Entering her house after venting her problems to her friend Gilda and relating her experience she seemed more centered and under control But, her family still wrapped up in their day hardly noticed any difference in Clover or listened to her when she tried to relate her experience. Sometimes people are often standing right in front of you but you don’t see them. We become so wrapped up in our jobs and daily routines we miss the obvious like Clover’s missing hand while serving her husband breakfast. Harsh realizations follow as Clover seeks help from a doctor more concerned with washing his hands than examining his patient. As she tried to convey her problem to him she realized he was not really listening. He never noticed her leaving the same way she came.

How can someone live in the same house and not see what is happening right in front of them? An article in the newspaper would change everything. Titled Calling Invisible Women, which is also the title of this insightful and thought provoking book, Clover’s biggest worry now is what to wear to an invisibility meeting. Attending the meeting was enlightening and helped Clover realize that she needed to become more concerned with who she was, what she wanted to be and stop worrying about being invisible. The women at the meeting were inspirational but one friendship would change it all as she and Lila Robinson spend a day in a high school stopping bullies, preventing simple crimes and really making a difference. Invisibility turned out to be a blessing in Clover’s case as she spent a day at Arthur’s office and began to understand more than she did before. All too often we make things easier for others and in doing so they take is for granted that you are the problem solver and the person you once were is no longer the person seen. When Clover takes her daughter on an outing, stops a bank robbery in progress she still doesn’t notice that her mother is invisible.

Author Jeanne Ray brings to light many important issues in this novel that women face today. What happens when you feel like you no longer turn heads when you walk into a room? What happens when your family and friends do not see you for the person you are right now? What happens when you feel invisible to the world even when you are right there? Then something happens that would change it all. Her daughter’s boyfriend comes for dinner after begging her forgiveness and realizes that Clover is invisible. What about the fact that his mother was invisible too? Calling her editor to write the story about the bank robbery was a true start to getting back her own identity and allowing herself to be seen as who she was and not what others wanted her to be.

Invisibility brings with it not only anonymity but also freedom. Clover for the first time is unencumbered by the constraints that life and society place on all of us. Uninhibited, unclothed, undetected, she ventures ahead taking on not only her boss at the paper but a major Drug Company responsible for the invisibility problem. But, if you read deep into the story you realize that she is not the only one in her family to feel invisible.

The author’s stories are humorous, heartfelt present important messages to readers. Living in someone else’s shadow is not where you want to be. When others expect you to take on their burdens and responsibilities they often forget to see you as a person and you, although physically there become invisible even though you are there in plain sight. When Gilda asks to join the group and action is taken to rectify the problem on family might learn the true meaning of love, understanding and visibility. Will everyone become visible? Read the book and find out for yourself.

Clover: Look in the mirror again: You never know what you might see! 

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