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Author: Robin Caroll

ISBN: 978 14336 72125

Publisher: PHP Publishing Group


Can you disappear in plain sight and hope to be safe? What would you do to protect yourself if you witnessed a murder? Remington Wyatt describes in vivid detail witnessing the murder of her godfather Judge Daniel Tate. The killers are known to her and in order to survive she has to disappear but not before taking two envelopes and a briefcase. What is inside the envelopes and the case will definitely allow her to plan her next move. Where would she go and remains to be seen.

Agent Rafe Baxter is not very well received in his new job in Arkansas and most of the cold cases he is asked to solve are quite difficult. But, when Judge Daniel Tate’s case comes front and center he is determined to solve the murder, track down the killers and find the answers that no one else and put periods at the end of those sentences with question marks. Transferring to Arkansas  was his answer to wanting a change in his life. Leaving his sister Riley and his coworkers his only choice. Solving a major case like this could put him up for a serious promotion. But, what he learns and so will the reader the lengths to what certain law enforcement agencies will go to in order to cover up a crime and protect their own. Throughout the novel you hear the voice of Remington Wyatt as she relates her movements step by step until she finds a safe haven for herself. Her inner voice and thoughts are heard and the fear in heart quite profound. Changing her appearance necessary for her survival and the hidden secrets in the attaché case still toe be revealed. A phone call would change it all for Remington admitting she has information about Daniel’s death and explains they are related to his last cases. Will they listen? Watching her godfather die in front of her after losing her parents leaves Remington no choice but to follow his dying words and take everything out of his safe as we learned to stay safe. Changing her name and becoming part of the witness protection program her only solution. Flashing back and forth from the past to the present letting allowing the reader to understand how she wound up in Louisiana and the events that transpired before.

Intertwining Remington and Rafe as the case he is handed leads him to Louisiana and Remington. Reopening the case of Daniel Tate brings him to a town called Hopewell, Louisiana and a Police Commissioner named Hayden Simpson. Investigating the cold case of the federal judge he meets Bella or Remington and from here the story really begins. What comes to light about Daniel and his involvement in this small town rocks the world of the Police Commissioner as one birth announcement found at the crime scene would bring back memories others would soon forget. Just what was Judge Daniel Tate into that got him murdered? Why was the Police Commissioner’s mother involved? The lies that were told come full circle as the truth about his mother’s relationship with Daniel Tate comes out. Added to that Rafe learns that the man who killed his parents is up for parole.

As several worlds intertwine Rafe begins to feel that there is a connection between Daniel Tate and Bella Miller but has yet to figure out who she is. Added to the mix we hear the voice of one agent who does not want him to remain and solve the case and has his own agenda in mind. Trying to get a handle on Hayden’s role in the investigation and Rafe’s sister’s disappearance and that his house was vandalized. Just how this all connects you won’t believe and who is behind the cover up?

When Hayden learns more about Bella’s past and uncovers things about his own what happens next puts her in grave danger and sets in a motion a chain of events that will rock the world of many law enforcement agencies. Just how far up does the corruption go and who really killed Daniel Tate? The ending will definitely surprise the reader and the web of lies and deceit are more intricate then a carefully crafted blown glass statue. Many lives would change when all is said and done. Author Robin Caroll brings to light many issues in this outstanding novel filled with reminders that we all need to pray for forgiveness, understanding, God’s prayers and hope that sometimes there just might be Justice For All.

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