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Reviewer Kristi Bernard: Kristi graduated from Wichita State University with a BA in English with minors in Education and Minority Studies. She writes fiction and non-fiction children's books and was the contributing editor for the National Writing For Children Center. Kristi reviews for several sites including In addition, she is a parenting expert for She is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustruators (SCBWI), the Association of Children's Authors and Illustrators of Color (ACAIC), and the Kansas City Writers Meetup Group. You can fnd out more about Kristi by Clicking Here.

By Kristi Bernard
Published on February 10, 2012

Author: Larry Buttram:  Illustrator: Paul Richardson

Publisher: New Virginia Publications

ISBN: 978-0-97550-30-27

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Author: Larry Buttram: Illustrator: Paul Richardson
Publisher: New Virginia Publications
ISBN: 978-0-97550-30-27

Little Susie Bipp has lots of money. She gets everything she wants. She lives in the town of Inskip. To keep herself occupied she has dolls, and a swing made from an old tire. Susie has marbles, games and lots of other shiny things. She has one bed for leaping and one just for sleeping. Little Susie Bipp even has a few pets. She has goldfish, a goat, a red duck, a squirrel that wears pearls and a little green mouse. Even with all of that, little Susie wants more.

You see, Susie has a neighbor named Mrs. Payne. Now here is where the story gets real interesting, Mrs. Payne has a cat named Simon. He is a sweet little kitty who loves Mrs. Payne. Simon is an ordinary cat who has curly whiskers and long black hair. He purrs and loves to look up at the sky and listen to the birds sing. One day, on her way home from school, Susie spots Simon chasing her little green mouse.

Now, Susie doesn't have a cute little kitty cat. Simon soon becomes her newest obsession. Susie tries everything to make Simon her own. Money, disguises and tricks don't seem to work. How will Susie ever make Simon her own? Does Susie have the right to snatch that cat that doesn't belong to her? You'll have to read this hilarious adventure to see.

Buttram has done an excellent job of creating a story of a spoiled little girl who wants everything in sight. Kids aged 5-9 will be tickled at Susie's efforts to snatch that cat. Children will root for Simon in the hopes that he doesn't fall pray to this spoiled little girls tricks. Parents and teachers will be able to open up dialogue with young readers in regards to wanting things they don't need along with leaving other peoples belongings alone. Colorful digital illustrations will have kids laughing at the characters and wondering if they will ever get a good look at Susie. The sing song rhyme make this story a really fun read for kids.

About Larry Buttram

Mr. Buttram started writing at the age of twelve when his English teacher challenged him to enter a school short-story competition. He entered and won the competition. He continued to write as a hobby during high school, and began a school newspaper when he was fourteen. He continued his writing throughout his career and has taken numerous writing and literature

About Paul Richardson

Paul was a doodler as a child and started taking art seriously during his senior year of high school. Traditional drawing and painting were his interest until the summer of 1997, when he discovered clay. After a short stay in the CG world, he looked back to Japan.

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