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Author: C.S. Lakin

Publisher: AMG Publishers
ISBN-13: 978-0-89957-891-0

ISBN-10: 0-89957-891-0

Sprung from apocalyptic vision, this adult fairy tale, which is the third in the Gates of Heaven series, brings freshness and vibrancy, based on strong ethical principles, to the realm of the imaginary.

The darker side is inevitably omnipresent throughout this mythical world, forming a major crux of the story. The sensual and tangible presence of evil can be seen most clearly in the murderous intent of the avaricious stepmother, Huldah, whose ruthless desire to retain her own outward, thinly veneered beauty drives her to send her innocent and truly beautiful stepdaughter on an errand to find, and bring back to her, leaves of the Terebinth Tree that offer the enticing promise of eternal youth. Through Huldah’s determination not to allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of her own selfish imperative she sets in motion the quest of the main female protagonist, Jadiel, who is intent on saving her father, whom she dearly loves, from an otherwise certain death at her stepmother’s hands. The comparative innocence of Jadiel stands in stark contrast to the malevolence and worldliness of Huldah, whose distortion of the world around her is juxtaposed against the sweetness of the rapport that Jadiel has with the natural elements that constitute her surrounds.

In contrast to the female and more devious aspects of The Land of Darkness is the more grounded masculine component, which is characterized by work, craftsmanship and a yearning to fulfill oneself in artistic expression. All of these elements can be seen at their best in the journey embarked on by Callen, a woodworking apprentice, who sets out on a self-initiated quest to find the inspiration of his finest work in the form of “an exquisitely detailed bridge made entirely of wood and embellished with mysterious symbols that appear to be ancient script.”

In this way, both Jadiel and Callen are bound, both physically and spiritually, to embark on a course of action along which they inevitably encounter each other and advance to what seems to be their preordained end. The development of the strength and integrity of their characters is intricately wound together with the symbolism of the story, of which the primary element is the transcendence of the merely physical and shallow to the ultimate attainment of the good, the noble and the everlasting.

The striking poignancy of the well-rounded characters and their interaction with such diverse creatures from the natural world as frogs and camels, imbued with magical abilities, such as the power of speech, is bound to appeal to any reader who has empathy for others. The deeper aspects of the story are present throughout the text of The Land of Darkness for all those who are able to respond imaginatively and spiritually to the tale.

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