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Author: John Shors

ISBN: 978-0451234605

Publisher: NAL Trade

Cross Currents is a story formed in memory of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Though the events tragic memories live forever in the hearts and minds of those affected by the tsunami, it has for the most part been forgotten as other tragedies have taken place. Shors however, has resurrected the memories in a tribute through his writing. The author who is well known for his love of travel and exotic places captures his reader’s attention by taking them to places they haven’t been themselves. Shors’s love and attachment to Thailand is obvious in his writing. It is one of the aspects that make his novels a pure pleasure to read. No other author can take you on such a vivid and realistic journey quite like Shors can. He accurately portrays the land, its people and its culture through his intense and noteworthy research that is usually completed by personal visits to the country he is writing about.

In Cross Currents, Shors introduces the reader to Lek, Sarai and their three children. The Thai family, who struggles to make ends meet, generates their income from an island resort they run on Ko Phi Phi. When the family meets Patch, a young American, they take him in to be a helping hand, though they soon learn he is running from the law. When Patch’s brother Ryan and his girlfriend Brooke visit Thailand in hopes of convincing Patch to turn himself over to the authorities, trouble starts to brew. The two very different brothers find themselves at odds until an understanding is reached and then, tragedy strikes. In the aftermath, each is left to discover more about each other and themselves, knowing it will take everything they have to survive.

John Shors does not disappoint in his newest novel. Though The Wishing Trees still remains my favorite of John’s titles, he continues to bring the reader to the setting of his story. I was able to feel the air, smell the ocean, feel the breeze, taste the food and envision the culture by imagining life on the island in all its glory and hardship. This made the tragedy of the event real to me in a whole new way. Likewise, the characters of the story became like friends and family. I found myself aggravated yet understanding, wishing them the best and while hoping for them.

The novel is full of character, enlightenment, wisdom and serenity. It is hope in tragedy, laughter with tears and in some ways reality in sereneness. Shors has a paced and thoughtful writing style that enables the reader to sink deeply into the pages of his novel, emerging new and enlightened. His stories are not rushed, but rather laid out in a manner that lends understanding and connection between the reader and the story. I highly recommend this novel as well as John Shors backlist of titles. If you haven’t read anything by him, you should.

In addition, John has charities linked with each of his books that you can find more information about on his website A portion of the proceeds from his novels is donated to these amazing charities. Why not read a book and give back at the same time?

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