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Author: D.C. Brod

Publisher: Tyrus Books

ISBN: 978-1-4405-3198-9

DC Brod, author of Getting Lucky, is a journalism graduate from Northern Illinois University, MA. (Back jacket cover, 2011) This is her second novel.

For a second book this makes a big splash! DC Brod has a fresh writing style and likeable characters with a plot that could parallel any of the new green building projects currently on our nations radar screen. I guess this one really caught my eye because I recently relocated to Asheville, North Carolina and moved into a green community. This novel had me wondering what if.

The main character is s single woman freelance reporter by the name of Robin Guthrie. Robin has an aging mother who he spends a lot of time with and also a love interest. Robins mother is in the early stages of Alzheimers and lives in an geriatric facility nearby. Her love interest has previously been a jockey and apparently had some success at that line of work before pursuing accounting as his occupation. His name is Mick. Mick is undecided on the topic of children being part of his future and Robin is adamantly against having children. Part of their dynamics is this looming question and how it might affect their future together.

When Claire, a coworker of Robin’s, is found dead beside the roadway Robin gets assigned her story about a green development in their small town. The plot quickly thickens from there. Robin finds notes of Claire’s and deciphers some, but is confounded by others. The deeper she digs the more confused she gets. She decides to ask Mick for help. Mick is very well connected and seems to know all of the movers and shakers.

The trail leads to some families with tight mob connections and an old high school nemesis of Robin’s who tormented her during those difficult years and Robin has never forgiven her for it. Mick asks Robin to steer clear of the mob families. However, she does not do as he asked. When the husband of Robin’s nemesis also turns up dead, but not where one might expect things get convoluted and scary. Robin and Mick might be loosely considered part of this cover up…but I’m not going to give up the whole story here. Just enough to whet your appetite and give you a vague idea of what this novel is about.

Read this book and you are sure to be entertained. I started reading it and could hardly put it down. I was sad when I hit the last page and I believe you will be too! DC Brod is a writer to be on the look-out for.

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