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Author: Alex Lukeman



 “She looked at the broken green and gray and black patterns on her uniform, touched the pistol strapped on her chest. The shape of her knife dug into her leg. The hard molded radio helmet was an unfamiliar intrusion on her head. She was encased in armor. She felt like she'd fallen through the looking glass into the fantasy world of a video war game, but this wasn't a game. This was real.

Three weeks ago she'd been standing at a podium at Stanford, giving a lecture on Indo-European languages. Life was predictable and safe, if a little boring. Now she carried enough weapons to take out a small village. There was a reason for that, namely that she might have to use them, which meant someone might be using weapons against her. She wasn't at all sure she could handle it.”

In the opening pages of White Jade, a millionaire is brutally tortured to death in his home by invaders who steal his fortune while they seek a mysterious book. The murder comes to the attention of Elizabeth Harker, in charge of a covert group called Project with a direct line to the White House. She assigns former Recon Marine Nicholas Carter to investigate. He quickly meets up with the murdered man’s niece,    Selena Connor, a world class expert in martial arts and ancient languages.  She has the clues to find the book the thieves were looking for, a 2000 year old manuscript connected to the first emperor of China which allegedly holds the secret to immortality.

 In short order, the killers are tracking Carter and Connor. After a few close calls, including an explosion which traps the pair in an old mine, Project uncovers a mole inside the FBI who’s involved with a conspiracy that could lead to disasters on the west coast of the U.S. and a coup in China. Add to this the mystery of that ancient book and its origins in a remote monastery in Tibet—is it immortality or another secret that holds another type of dangerous power? Is another world war inevitable?

If all of this sounds like a thriller full of familiar clichés, you’re correct. But several elements make White Jade a worthy first entry in a new action-adventure series. First, author Alex Lukeman doesn’t sketch stock characters. Nick Carter, who could have been the archetypal 007 substitute, is a man with a back-story that involves lingering feelings for a dead fiancée and guilt over his war time activities in Afghanistan. Selena Connor is a woman who reacts to the increasingly dangerous realm she’s drawn into with realistic responses. Second, Lukeman drives his story with an almost break-neck pace. Each chapter is only a few pages long before the perspective shifts again and again. Third, the author begins his story focused on a few characters in more-or-less normal settings before the vista expands and takes the lead characters into vividly described Tibetan tunnels and chambers laced with exotic deadly traps.  

Not only is White Jade engaging on its own, it’s clear Lukeman has long-term plans for Carter, Connor, and Project. The book includes a chapter from the second novel in the series, The Lance, which was published a few months after the first outing. Book three is scheduled for early 2012. So, if such yarns are your cup of tea, White Jade should whet your appetite for the continuing adventures of believable warriors keeping the world safe from rogue generals and their minions. Stay tuned . . .


Follow Here To Purchase White Jade (The Project Counter-Terrorism Series)