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 Author: Peter Borchard

ISBN-10: 146204977X

ISBN-13: 978-1462049776


In his first novel, Relentless Pursuit, South African author Peter Borchard demonstrated his mastery of the action-adventure genre of the old school. In that book, he spun a vividly descriptive tale set near the beginning of the 20th Century when colonial powers were dueling over the future of the resources of Angola and bordering countries. While more focused in characters and settings, Borchard’s second book could also be called “Relentless Pursuit” although his stories are built on very different plots.

In Diamonds, Peter van Onselen is an ex South African Air Force pilot who co-owns an air charter company. As tensions between Angola and South Africa are still hot, van Onselen flies clandestine missions transporting anything most carriers would avoid, usually weapons and medical supplies. Returning from one such flight with three passengers, van Onselen’s plane is shot down over an Angolan jungle, the plane burns, and a courier carrying a briefcase is killed. The pilot and a lovely lady with CIA connections discover the briefcase is full of rough diamonds from rebel mines in Angola. They bury the case and plan to retrieve it when opportunity permits.

As it happens, the diamonds were intended for crime boss Trichardt who is suspicious about the story and he keeps a watchful eye on van Onselen.  There’s not much Van Onselen can do—the flight and diamonds were illegal in the first place and Trichardt does have as much a claim to them as anyone.  Ultimately, the pilot and the agent make their bid to escape with the ill-gotten booty and the chase begins in a relentless pursuit that won’t end until the pursued and pursuer encounter each other at sea near the Cayman Islands, half a world away. Oh, and Van Onselen is involved in a love triangle and also has to figure out—who’s the right girl?

What is most surprising about the work of Peter Borchard is that he’s not yet earning wider appreciation. This is partly due to his home base being in South Africa and not the publishing centers in the U.S. or U.K. It’s also true his stories are straight-forward adventure tales with political overtones far removed from typical post-Cold War settings. Still, Borchard is able to vividly sketch terrains and characters he knows from first-hand experience and he’s no slouch pushing forward a dramatic and suspenseful story. It’s time Peter Borchard starts getting wider recognition, and picking up either of his two titles so far should make converts of any reader seeking a fresh voice who knows how to craft believable page-turners.


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