Author: R. Albert Mohler Jr.
ISBN-10: 1601420803
ISBN-13: 978-1601420800

Contrary to what one might think from reading the cover of the book, it would be wrong to say that R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s book, Desire and Deceit: The Real Cost of the New Sexual Tolerance, is a “right jab” from the evangelical side of the political spectrum. It would also be wrong to categorize Mohler as preaching to the choir, which he actually is but that isn’t the whole story either. Albert Mohler’s book is much more of an exercise in educating the religious right so that they will have their own ammunition to fight moral sexual degradation. It is an educational lecture and a pep talk, if you will.

The main target of Mohler’s lecture is obviously homosexuality. In this case we are not talking about homosexuality itself per se, even though Mohler gives loads of biblical and rational arguments against the homosexual lifestyle. Mohler’s attack, if you will, is squarely against the political homosexuality that he believes has changed the landscape of American culture for the worse and almost to the point of non-recognition. Albert Mohler also rails against pornography and sexual promiscuity in virtually every form labeling it as against God’s plan for man and woman. In many ways the author believes that political homosexuality has won in their battle but for those who stand with evangelical Christianity this is no reason to give up the fight. The battle for souls must rage on.

Mohler portrays Alfred Kinsey, lauded as many social intellectuals today, as some sort of sicko at best and at worst a de facto “black pope” (my words, not his) who’s sexual depravity have lead many of our own brightest minds astray. Albert Mohler states that he believes Kinsey, thought by some as the father of the modern sexual revolution, to have been an intellectual fraud who, originally studier of insects, molded his own sexual desires into a pseudo-science of carnal knowledge, totally discounting any supposed contributions that Alfred Kinsey was purported to have made to our earlier knowledge of sexual behavior.

I don’t really think that even the casual reader would find many surprises in what Albert Mohler has written in Desire and Deceit. For one he is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, hardly a bastion of left-wing thought and liberal demagoguery, and Mohler has been many times in the American press defending evangelical Christian values, raising the flag for the whole world to see. As such, I would be surprised to find anyone who did read the book with an open mind to take umbrage with Mohler’s position. It is almost as if the position is stated in the title. Of course if the reader’s only intention in reading the book in the first place was to “dig up dirt” to argue against Albert Mohler’s stance then they would have lots to work with because he is unequivocal. I do believe though that the book’s merits are in whether or not it accomplished what the author intended to do when he wrote it: Shore up the evangelical soldiers for the fight against evil sexual mores as they see them. And in this respect Albert Mohler can claim his desired effect.

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