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Author: EE Hunt

ISBN: 978-1-6136-0101-3

Publisher: Unrivaled Books

The book is a thrilling, fast-paced suspense novel that will end in one, or at the most, two sittings. Set between Texas and Mexico, the story involves thrilling elements like drug trafficking, human trafficking, torture, border patrol, kidnapping, drug cartel and other constant twists that will keep you hooked on till the end.

The story is well-written, though at some levels you may have the notion that things like this do not really happen in the real world. But this again could be taken in another context, that out there, such thrilling incidents do happen to real people, and thankfully, we have been lucky enough to escape such a life.

Juanita Delgado is a young Mexican girl, who has been a victim of human trafficking. Her husband is a flawed, American ex-sniper, who has been facially disfigured while in Iraq. Together, the two fight the leaders of the Lobos cartel which is led by an egoist Hernan Cortez and Manuela.

The story involves around the abduction of Juanita’s North American cousin Orlando Delgado, a Border Patrol officer who is kidnapped by Lobos while he is on duty. He is taken hostage along withJuanita, but the two somehow manage to escape a torture chamber, only to be faced with bloody encounters on and near the border.

The book draws from the many criminal activities of drug and human trafficking, and also other illegal acts that happen on a regular basis on and near the border. The story is dark and intenseand the reader will enjoy the constant thrill till the end. The book is well written and the settings gripping, and since it’s not really a very long story, the reader will not take too long to finish.

What I did not like about the book though was the way the characters have been built – the good ones are too good and the bad ones are too bad – there is no middle path, nothing grey, only blackand white. This seems a little off from reality, but if you look at it as just a story, maybe it will make sense.

My recommendation: Worth a one-time read.

EE Hunt has two degrees from Stanford University and a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has lived in California, St. Louis, New York City for sixteen years, Dallas, Texas and Paris, France for more than ten years

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