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Author: Dr. Bob Curran
Publisher: New Page Books
ISBN: 978-1-60163-190-9

When we think of creepy places like graveyards, decrepit churches and abandoned castles, we often feel a chill run down our spines. We ask ourselves if ghosts, goblins, vampires and demons really exist. Do people that visit these places really see these things or is it just a figment of their imagination? Dr. Bob Curran traveled all around the world to find places where hauntings and tales of the night are told from one generation to the next. Readers are enlightened by his tales of discovery.

Bachelors Grove in Chicago Illinois has a cemetery with a very interesting history. This site is haunted by a phantom known as “White Lady.” She wanders the cemetery at night, sometimes with an infant in her arms. Actual photos of this mysterious phantom do exist. Bachelors Grove is also known as a dumping ground for bodies during the Gangster Era. Several of Al Capone's victims had been dumped in the lake by the cemetery. Many other mysteries are tied to this cemetery and the lake.

Germany hosted towns where witches were sought out and burned. Towns like Coburg, Herborn and Hoffhiem Idstein and many more. At Wildensen Castle near Leibertingen, witches burned at the top of the towers. Many of the towers were prisons predominately aimed at women. These sites are haunted by supernatural beings. Some visitors claimed to hear screams and shouting. Some claim to see figures that vanish quickly.

At Wexford Hall in Ireland, exorcisms were performed. Stories have been told of a dark stormy night and a strange visitor. The devil had played cards with an unknowing family. When discovered he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Strange incidents occurred so regularly the family had an exorcism to rid them of the demon. Father Thomas Broaders fought against the demonic force. The majority of exorcisms in Ireland have gone unrecorded.

As you can tell, Curran's visits to various sites around the globe uncover the folklore of these creepy sites. He also researches the history of the eras and lists facts about these various sites and the people that lived there. Readers will be surprised to find that some of these locations are closer to them than they might have thought. Immediately readers will be pulled into these tales and find themselves looking over their shoulders. The illustrations by Ian Daniels are eery and give great insight on what many might have seen.

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