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Author: Donald Gorbach

ISBN: 9781-466276918

With a great deal of humor, Donald Gorbach recounts in his 101 Greatest Real Estate Stories Ever Told a collection of real estate stories that he has amassed from real estate agents all over the USA for the past several years. Some of these are difficult to believe, but as we all know truth can be stranger than fiction.

Gorbach informs his readers that since the age of twelve he has been addicted to real estate when he succeeded in securing his first house sale listing from his best friend's parents and convinced them to use the services of his father's real estate company to sell their home. As Gorbach recounts, when the open house was canceled due to bad weather, his father told him to sit at the house that was just down the street and if anyone shows up, just take them through the house and have them call him if they have any questions. As it happens, a couple showed up and they did in fact purchase the house the next day. Donald is still waiting for his commission check. Today, Gorbach is a top agent specializing in luxury ocean front condominiums in the Southern Palm Beach area of Florida.

If you are a real estate or a title attorney, as I was for over thirty-five years, you will readily identify with some of these tales, however, there are several that even a seasoned professional would be startled to read about. As an example, there is the story when the agent's client was told to proceed to a particular unit and to look around prior to the agent showing up. When the agent did show up, he heard the client calling his name and requesting that he come to see her in the walk-in closet. Upon opening the closet, the agent found his client standing in the closest in panties and bra making sexual poses! Another narration concerns an agent and his clients showing up to a house that was being used as a porno shoot. Broker caravans of new listings can often prove embarrassing when agents show up at the wrong house, as recounted in some of these stories. Then there was the one where the buyer comes to a closing without money and explaining that he asked God for the money, and he had not given it to him yet.

All of the anecdotes included in this delightful tome are written in a light, chatty and humorous style that is extremely entertaining and a joy to read, even if you are not a real estate agent. And lets be realistic, real estate can prove to be stressful and quite a challenge for everyone, purchasers, vendors, and real estate professionals, however, sometimes you have to let it all go and look at the humorous side and have a good belly laugh.

Click Here To Purchase 101 Greatest Real Estate Stories Ever Told