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Author: Roar Sheppard

Publisher: Kima Global Publishers; First edition (September 14, 2011)

ASIN: B005NC0P8W(Kindle):

ISBN-10: 1920533052

ISBN-13: 978-1920533052


This is one frightening book. The Universe Speaks: On the Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025 by Roar Sheppard will alarm readers on several levels. As with all of the books on 2012 disasters currently flooding the market, mounting anticipation of worldwide catastrophes are heating to a boiling point. The crises are predicted to befall mankind before, on, or after December 21, 2012. No one knows for sure whether they should dig in and prepare survival gear, flee to the mountaintops, or just eat, drink, and be merry until doomsday hits. Author Roar Sheppard also wanted to know the truth, so he purports to have sought guidance from Cosmic Beings.

His conversations include dialogues with the spirit of Mother Earth, who is known as Mother Gaia, and a tall, pony-tailed master of prophecy from Pleiades named Marlin. Between the two of them, they share enough information to either guide mankind from the depths of disaster or cue you in on the horrible holocaust about to happen if mankind fails to alter their course. Either way, his findings are enough to turn your hair white. After viewing their verdicts, some readers will hope that the Clairol Corporation manages to survive the shocks.

Roar has collected his in-depth conversations in 16 expertly written chapters that are composed in a Question and Answer style, and both he and the Cosmic Beings use perfect grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling, facts that should please any school teachers who manage to endure the outcome.

Our astronomers have already divulged that our present age will end and a new age will begin on December 21, 2012, when a Harmonic Convergence occurs that cannot be changed: our planet will orbit into perfect alignment with the sun and the Milky Way, which occurs like clockwork every 6,500 years. This fact was enlightening to Albert Einstein, who went on record to weigh in on the long known but important astronomical event. He calculated that the magnetic energy of the Milky Way will be halted, and that will cause Earth to flip polarities. Doomsayers are quick to point out that this unstoppable event might spawn earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, and other weather disruptions on a Biblical scale. The gist of what Marlin reveals to Roar is a thought-provoking analysis of the Photon Belt, a ring of energy through which Earth and our Pleiades Constellation will float during that same exact time, an orbit that also occurs like clockwork every 13,000 years. According to Marlin, exposure to this new light from this ring of energy will set in motion a chain reaction of planetary upheavals that will devastate the world.

Roar also claims to have had long talks with Socrates, Scott and Helen Nearing, Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, Mozart, and William Shakespeare, each of which are detailed in remarkable chapters. Some readers will wish that he had also interviewed Jesus, who would surely have provided some illuminating answers that would have brought us peace about the plagues and problems promised to come, but Roar steps in at the end in the Epilogue and offers his own 33 ways of practicing love to save the Earth and its family. They’re all great tips, but most people are not and will not take the steps he outlines, so readers are left with a gnawing feeling that the worst will happen.      

Roar echoes Al Gore and others with a severe admonition that mankind has unbalanced the Earth with our behavior. Roar’s out of the ordinary book offers a panoramic view of the immediate future and gives us what he believes are all the necessary tools you will need for the changes to come.

If what Marlin makes known through Roar about 2012 comes true, most of us are about to roll down a rocky road to ruin. If his predictions prove false, more than a few readers will feel great concern for Roar, who some will suggest has been deceived by demons. In either case, The Universe Speaks: On the Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025 offers a fascinating read. We will all know the truth about one year from now. Until then, stock up on food and water just in case, but avoid buying one of those pricey gas power generators that you might have to return on December 22, 2012. Home improvement centers will charge you an exorbitant “restocking fee” just like they did the day after Y2K.  

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