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Author: Jackie Carpenter

Published by Xulon Press

ISBN: 978-1-61215-768-9

Jackie Carpenter’s sequel to The Bridge further explores the traumatic time in her life when her son, Jason Veitch, was falsely accused of murder, the ensuing trial and eventual acquittal. While The Bridge focused on the case itself, Georgia Justice gives a deeper look at its impact on the accused’s family, and especially the author. It becomes even more obvious that Carpenter was emotionally and spiritually paralyzed by the events. Her faith was shaken, her life turned upside down, and she found herself angry and depressed. She felt helpless and betrayed by the justice system that allowed this to happen to her son – particularly in the person of one deputy sheriff whose bad advice resulted in a man’s death. In Carpenter’s opinion, this deputy sheriff framed her son in order to cover up his own incompetence.

Carpenter’s faith is what helps her get through this horrible time when she wants to crawl under the covers and never come out. She acknowledges the evil forces in the world and takes a spiritual stance against them, going into her prayer closet and coming out with a sense of peace and hope. She gets on with the daily business of life and shakes off her confusion and depression. But Carpenter is also candid about how these circumstances tested her faith. During the 10-month process, Carpenter says everyday was like walking “through the valley of the shadow of death.” She struggled with feelings that God had abandoned her and her family. Remarkably, it was her son’s faith in his time of extreme trial that inspired her. She describes Veitch as “a true man of God…Seeing how close Jason was to God steered me through the fog when I could not see.”

After months of blaming herself and taking on the weight of the world, trying to do everything she can to get her son exonerated, even to her own detriment, Carpenter describes how she finally relinquished everything to God, including the fate of her son. She realized that she could not control the outcome and she turned it over to her heavenly Father.

Georgia Justice is not just a book about the justice system in the U.S. state of Georgia, or the particular trial of one man accused of murder – it is the story of a mother’s love, a reminder of the struggles of faith even the most devout among us may face, and the importance of relying on God in moments of crisis. It is not an easy read, nor is the writing well-polished; however, it is deeply moving and will prompt you to ask questions about your own faith and reflect on your own response in crisis moments.

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