Click Here To Purchase Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing: An Unofficial, Practical Guide to Selling & Developing B2B Business on LinkedIn

Author: Neal Schaffer

ISBN: 9781463685805

Publisher: WindMill Networking

In March of 2011 I received an email from Linkedin's founder Reid Hoffman personally thanking me for being among the first million members of the site. In fact, I was in the 700,000 list of newcomers. I was also informed that the site had reached over 100 million members. Quite impressive! At the time I didn't pay any heed to the email or for that matter Linkedin, however, I have to admit that I was curious to learn more about Linkedin and why they have played such an important role in social media. Consequently, I started playing around with the various tools that Linkedin offered and I did implement some of them. However, it was not until I was sent a copy of Neal Schaffer's Maximizing Linkedin for Sales and Social Media Marketing that I actually understood the full potential of Linkedin and why it has become the premier social networking site devoted solely to the professional.

This is Schaffer's second book concerning Linkedin, his first was Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing Linkedin that managed to receive a few prestigious book industry awards, including silver recognition as the best business reference book in 2009 from the Axiom Business Book Awards. Schaffer informs us that his first book was meant to be a reference manual for professionals in every field, and his Maximizing Linkedin for Sales and Social Media Marketing is a companion to this first book. It is to be a guide showing how to reach your full networking potential on the Linkedin platform.

The book comprises fourteen chapters and can be summarized as dealing with topics as the importance of social media and Linkedin specifically, optimizing profiles and networks for everyone, establishing your Linkedin's Group and Companies Pages, developing business by engaging, prospecting, and utilizing business intelligence available on Linkedin, using Linkedin to develop leads and attain leadership through participation, paid media, and social media optimization, and finally optimizing the Linkedin presence through optional paid accounts and creating a daily routine for maximum efficiency and return on investment. Some of these sections are addressed to everyone, while others would probably be more valuable to the corporate marketing or sales and business development of a company.

Each chapter of the book begins with a general overview and ends with a case study as Schaffer does a masterful job in clearly defining what Linkedin is and what the advantages of using Linkedin are to anyone that has a product or service to sell. Beginning with why every business needs to be on Linkedin, Schaffer differentiates between Linkedin and Facebook and illustrates how a company's workforce can apply Linkedin in developing their sales and marketing skills. From here we are informed about the Linkedin Profile and how to create the most complete sales and marketing profile, as well as how Linkedin views completed profiles. Schaffer also shows us how to take our profile beyond completeness with optimization. The next section deals with your Linkedin network and understanding its importance. It also provides guidance as to how many connections you should have in your network. This is followed with the maximization of the functionality on a Linkedin page and the difference between a Linkedin company page and a Facebook fan page. We also learn how to integrate social media marketing into your company page and the importance of engaging the followers of your company's page. A complete chapter is devoted to the developing of a targeted community of professionals through Linkedin groups. It is here where we learn about different kinds of groups and best they can be utilized for sales and marketing or professional networking perspective. There are many ways to engage on Linkedin and Schaffer provides strategies for maximizing engagement opportunities. Business intelligence can always come in handy and considerable ink is devoted to learning how to specifically gather business intelligence from Linkedin's applications and platforms. Schaffer also provides timely advice as to how to prospect on Linkedin, as well as understanding how promoting others' content can help gain mind-share and thought leadership on Linkedin. Closing chapters deal with utilizing linkedin for social media optimization and paid media on Linkedin.

What Schaffer has effectively accomplished with Maximizing Linkedin for Sales and Social Media Marketing is to connect some of the more confusing dots that we may otherwise have missed and which are invaluable if we are to take full advantage of Linkedin. And for the most part, this book is a wholly approachable and reliable primer on Linkedin.

Click Here To Purchase Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing: An Unofficial, Practical Guide to Selling & Developing B2B Business on LinkedIn