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Author: Melinda Elmore

ISBN: 978-1466443211

Publisher: Dancing With Bear Publishing

With the holiday season approaching, the publishing market offers readers scores of books with stories set in this time of year. In honor of her husband who died suddenly, author Melinda Elmore offers readers Journey to Christmas Creek based on a story her husband used to tell their children at bedtime.

In the Montana territory in the early 1800s, a group of Native American villagers prepares to find a new home. Their current home can no longer support their needs. Spotted Buffalo, a young man, feels excited as he prepares with the rest of the villagers to move, but his younger sister, Gentle Tears, doesn’t want to leave the only home she’s ever known. Their father, Red Sun, does his best to make Gentle Tears understand the importance of looking for a new place to live, but she only understands that she is leaving behind the familiarity of their valley.

Red Sun, too, shares Gentle Tears’ sadness, but he also understands that if his people are to survive, this move must happen. When Spotted Buffalo asks where they will establish their new home, Red Sun answers that he doesn’t know. All he knows is that upon entering the grounds of their new village, his heart will surely alert him.

The journey begins, and one night as the villagers stop to rest Spotted Buffalo decides to prove his manhood by finding on his own the grounds for the new village. He slips away by the cover of darkness, only to discover Gentle Tears following him. Gentle Tears holds her fear as a shield, but she trusts her brother. And when Spotted Buffalo gets into trouble, Gentle Tears must do what she can to emerge from her shield and exhibit the courage she never knew she possessed.

Author Elmore’s touching tale offers readers the right dose of heart and Christmas spirit. Readers will be transported to an earlier time in history when family relationships superseded all. Young readers, in particular, will enjoy this short book. Elmore offers this story to that demographic, but readers of any age will feel the magic of the moonlit night when Spotted Buffalo and Gentle Tears embark on their adventure.

This reviewer recommends this e-book for readers wanting a sweet, tender holiday story.

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