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Author: Pat Huddleston

ISBN: 13: 978-0-8144-1750-8: 10: 0-8144-1750-7

Publisher: Amacom

You have to sit up and take notice when a former Security Exchange Commission enforcer and a court appointed Receiver, as well as an investment attorney writes about proof-protecting your investments. The author that can rightfully claim to all of these qualifications is Pat Huddleston who now holds down the position of CEO of Investor's Watchdog LLC, a fraud prevention due diligence company.

As he points out in the introduction to his The Vigilant Investor: A Former SEC Enforcer Reveals How to Fraud Proof Your Investments, Huddleston closed down his law practice after experiencing numerous heartbreaking occasions where his clients were defrauded by unscrupulous and dishonest investment advisers that peddled scams and “garbage” investment products. He decided that it was time to do something about this which is costing individuals their life savings or a good portion of it. The result was the creation of the Investor's Watchdog LLC – a database that holds information on stockbrokers, investment advisers, scam artists nationwide, thousands of customer complaints that had been expunged from stockbrokers' official regulatory rap sheets(not because the brokers were exonerated, but because they made this a condition of settlement with victims), and actions against unregistered salespeople. From gathering all this information, Huddleston gained a great deal of experience in recognizing scams and reckless brokers who feast on your savings. It is this information that he shares with his readers in The Vigilant Investor so as to equip them with the tools necessary to likewise be able to uncover the rotten apples in the barrel and avoid losing their hard earned money.

Basically, the book emphasizes vigilant investing and that every vigilant investor makes prevention his or her first priority. Organizing itself into two sections, the book first explores the wide world of fraud and what to watch out for in protecting your investments and the second delves into the players in the investment industry. Some of the topics examined include the deficiencies of the regulatory agencies, the scam artists (“Anyone who encounters an investment scamster is likely to encounter an equally powerful illusion”) , pump and dump schemes, the psychology of manipulation, performing due diligence concerning the people behind the proposed investments as well as the investment itself, checking the credentials and qualifications of the people selling an investment product, understanding what you are investing in, looking for conflicts of interest, questioning how the investment earns profits, carefully scrutinizing increased trading volume and rising stock prices, understanding the FDIC, checking on patent claims, understanding variable annuities, knowing how the compliance system works and how the industry protections brokers, boiler room cold calls, free offering of lunch or dinner, dirty little secrets of the investment industry, and a host of other timely topics.

What appeals to me about this 238-page book is Huddleston's straight forward language as he explains what it is to be a vigilant investor and the multitude of pitfalls that an investor can fall prey to if he or she ignores the basic principles of cautious investing. I would be hard pressed to find another book that is as extensive and loaded with so many insightful examples concerning the day-to-day reality of the investment world and the many sharks that think nothing of eating up your money with little attention to ethics or honest behavior.

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