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Author: Teisha Bourne
Publisher: Belletristic Press
ISBN: 978-0979659485


There are two especially impressive elements about Teisha Bourne’s debut novel Motif- the author’s strength in characterizations and her storytelling talent. In fact, the suspense of the story fundamentally lies in the character development, which often proves to be quite a tricky thing to pull off in a novel, particularly if you are a novice author.

What is more is that Bourne has crafted a poignant and daring debut wherein she hasn’t adopted the usual formula of easy, quick characterizations with graphic sex scenes and violence and a mix of rags to riches plot. Instead, Bourne presents her readers with a farce of unbelievable events that transpires under the guise of friendship and love. In addition, Bourne carefully introduces four unique characters and as the yarn unfolds allows them to gradually develop. Readers are in for quite a shock with these somewhat unusual characters that are intertwined into a rush of strange and unpredictable occurrences.

 In essence, the story focuses on two female and two male characters. Bourne’s female characters are nineteen-year old black Fisk University beauties, Tiffany (Tif) Randal and Camisha (Cami) Simmons who are best friends. Tiffany is the more serious of the two while Camisha is the risk taker who is also more of a daredevil. Both enjoy flirting with men and they usually have a thrilling ride, as Tiffany would surf the wave with Camisha. Camisha is also very interested in attaining wealth and will do anything to reach her goal no matter what are the consequences.

The two male characters consist of the suave law student Phillip Terrell and the short freaky but gorgeous factory-worker Rayford (Ray) Hunchings, who incidentally turns out to be a “nasty piece of work.” And as we discover, both have quite an interesting secret to share.

 The tale opens when Tiffany and Camisha meet Raymond at a local shopping mall. Raymond invites them to his friends’ fraternity party where the two women encounter Phillip.  Tiffany takes a liking to Phillip and eventually the couple enter into a serious love relationship. However, appearances can be quite deceiving as we are not quite sure about Phillip’s honesty and integrity. Camisha admits that she is not attracted to short men, however, she nevertheless becomes involved with Raymond and ultimately they marry. Unfortunately, their marriage turns out to be quite chaotic.

 The foursome eventually collide in a rush of strange and unpredictable occurrences revolving around Raymond’s wealthy old grandfather Senator Eugene Hunchings who is bedridden and is not long for this world. We learn that Raymond’s father was black and his mother was white. The Senator tried to break up their relationship but to no avail until he threatened to disown his daughter. In no time Raymond’s mother dumped his father, however at the time she was pregnant with Raymond. Eventually, Raymond’s mother left him in the care of his father’s mother with the aid of the Senator’s generous funds. On his deathbed the Senator felt guilty that he caused his daughter to abandon Raymond thus making him experience a terrible childhood. To make amends the Senator was prepared to leave his grandson a substantial inheritance or that is what Raymond believed.

 Readers are sure to find something fascinating in Bourne’s storyline that is fuelled throughout by dirty secrets, deceit, kinky sex, freaky characters, lust, jealousy, rage, obsession, betrayal, murder, and even a deranged mind all combining to create an intense drama that concludes with a diabolic twist. To boot, questions of loyalty, honesty, and love are forced to the surface in this rip-roaring and haunting read. This is one novel that gets its hooks into you and will surely keep you turning the pages. Bourne pulls out all the stops, repeatedly blindsiding her readers with quite a few surprises.

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