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Author: Cory Putman Oaks

ISBN: 9780982913161

Publisher: Octane Press

I have a problem with the electricity in my house. It seems that the lights are always flickering and I often have to replace the light bulbs. We often see figures running down our stairs and the dog seems to bark at things that are not there, well none that we can see anyway. Strange things happen, more to some of us than others, but we just ignore it and go on about our business. What happens when the things are far too extreme to ignore? How do you think you would react if you could see things that no one else could see? Well, Addison (Addy) Russell can do just that. Among other things, she is able to see what no one else seems to be able to see.

This story takes place in San Francisco and is centered around the well-known Golden Gate Bridge.

Author Cory Putman Oakes has given us a wonderful tale that is reminiscent of the witches and warlocks of Harry Potter and the love and romance of Twilight. I believe I was destined to receive this book and read it. Ironically, I picked it up on Friday October 28th. This just happens to be the date of young Addy’s birthday and the beginning of her story. This is weird right. Addy has just turned seventeen and is juggling her friends and family, school and dealing with a huge crush that she has on young Mr. Lucas Stratton. She is also struggling with who she thought she was and who she comes to know herself to be. Everything around her that is both familiar and true puts a big question mark in her mind; even the love of Lucas.

I do not normally read books geared towards teens and young adults, but this one was different. I think it picked me. Once I read the first page, I was trapped in the mysteries of each page and could not wait to get to the next chapter. This book is well written and very creative. I felt like I knew each character and could relate to each of them in one way or another. I highly recommend this book for the teenage and young adult readers. I would actually recommend it to adult readers as well. It will give you suspense and magic and will most definitely cause you to delve deep into your imagination.

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