Click Here To Purchase Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer

Author: Raymond Francis

ISBN: 13: 978-0-7573-1550-3

In Never Fear Cancer Again, Raymond Francis delivers another brilliant discourse regarding staying healthy and preventing disease. Francis has been researching disease for years and concludes that all disease, cancer included, comes from malfunctioning cells. In order to avoid getting sick, one must work to keep the body’s cells healthy.

Francis’ own near-fatal illness prompted his desire to learn more about the causes of disease. He has spent decades researching, studying and learning from experts in the field. As a result, the author designated six pathways to good health. If any of those pathways are interrupted, diseases like cancer may occur.

The six pathways are nutrition, toxins, genetics, physical, medical and mental. He breaks down each pathway and thoroughly reviews the subtexts of each. He clearly defines what to avoid in each section such as toxins in water and building supplies in the toxin pathway and surgery and prescription drugs in the medical pathway.

A large portion of the book is spent on nutrition emphasizing what Francis believes: a healthy diet leads to good health. The author warns us to completely avoid certain foods and touts the benefits of organic and raw foods. Francis also discusses what foods should be eaten together and which should be eaten alone. To him, certain food combinations contribute to better health than others.

He also suggests that most American diets are devoid of all the supplements one needs to maintain good health. Francis details a variety of supplements that we should be taking and is careful to inform us of the benefits of quality supplements. Francis is very up-front about the fact that he sells quality supplements on his own website; however, he does not push his goods on the reader. They are merely available should the reader be interested. Francis also discusses the importance of physical movement and warns readers to be careful of the prescribed medications that they may be taking.

Never Fear Cancer Again is chock full of common-sense suggestions that readers may want to incorporate if they want to prevent cancer from occurring or heal from any cancer they may currently have. He presents this information in a very compelling manner and the book is devoid of medical jargon. Mr. Francis also incorporates a lengthy bibliography of sources that his readers may find additionally helpful. All in all, this book contains an abundance of information for readers who want to avoid a life-threatening disease. For patients with cancer who want to reverse the outcome or for folks who want to live cancer-free, Never Fear Cancer Again is a wealth of information and should be at the top of a “to-read” list.

Click Here To Purchase Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer