Click Here To Purchase In the Indian Night Sky (Hathi Chiti's Tales of India)
Author: Reshma Sapre
Publisher: Hathi Chiti Books for Kids
ISBN: 978-0-615-37072-9

It is time for the great feast. Mother, the Star of the North Sky, is lighting the way for her children, Sun, Moon and Wind. All that she asks is that they bring her something back from the feast. At the feast, Sun shone very bright, Moon glided on the Wind's cool breeze. They met other stars and danced with the rains. But it was Moon who remembered to bring Mother something from the feast. His reward was that he would be blessed. Moon will always be cool and light and calm the night sky. Sun, will be the brightest but people will cover their heads because he is bright and hot. Wind, will be strong but whip the rains, all creatures will hide from him.

This delightful Indian Folktale will teach a whimsical story about why the moon shines so bright in the night. Young readers will appreciate the heat of the sun, and the treachery of the wind. This is a wonderful story parents will love to read to their children before bedtime. This book is also a great tool for teachers to introduce folk tales in the classroom and have children make up their own stories about the sun, moon and wind.

Hathi and Chiti is an emerging new global children's brand for all ages, that uses eastern-themed characters and concepts as a gateway to educate little ones about different cultures around the world. Hathi and Chiti are the Indian words for elephant and ant. Hathi, an elephant, and Chiti, an ant, are best friends from India folklore whose adventures together are of legendary proportion. Hathi Chiti uses folklore as a backdrop for modern day storytelling as a way of explaining the world and sharing life lessons.

Click Here To Purchase In the Indian Night Sky (Hathi Chiti's Tales of India)