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Author: Jim Harold

Publisher: New Page Books

ISBN: 978-1601631947

Turn the lights on – Check under the bed – Prepare yourself for several scary reads!”

Jim Harold’s, Campfire True Ghost Stories, is a collection of stories linking – unimaginable terror, ghostly images, and paranormal phenomenon with ordinary day people, such as most of us are. Who does not like a good ghost story? Combine supernatural phenomena with credible witnesses and you come up with not one, but multiple horrifying true accounts of ‘the unknown.’ Yes, I said true accounts. Who am I to judge what another may perceive as, not of this world? The scientific world is quite often uncovering new discoveries concerning our planet. As someone who has always taken an interest in the paranormal, I devoured each story with excitement and anticipation.

Journey to a small farmhouse in a remote area of Minnesota – be prepared to be suddenly awaken in the middle of a deep sleep to what can only be described as a ghostly growl. Travel back to your childhood. Take a trip with a neighborhood friend to meet his relatives. While you are there sneak off to the attic and explore, however, try not to be terrified by what may lurk in the darkest corner. Experience the loss of a family pet – only to be frightened, or maybe comforted in the fact that its spirit still stands guard.

Most everyone has heard the ghastly rhyme, ‘Lizzy Borden took an ax and gave her father forty whacks.’ Visit the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast – a bit of advice; keep your feet and legs wrapped tightly beneath the covers. Next time you take a ride on an elevator, make certain you pay close attention to the person standing next to you – for in a blink of an eye, he or she could mysteriously vanish in thin air.

Psychic abilities, poltergeist, ghostly spirits from the past, unexplained flying objects, voices from beyond the grave crying out – all and much more strange phenomenon can be found upon these pages. For the people that experience these eerie encounters, there is no question as to its legitimacy.

Jim Harold holds a Master’s degree in Applied Communication Theory and Methodology. In 2005, he created ‘The Paranormal Podcast, an Internet radio show dedicated to all things supernatural. Jim has become America’s most popular paranormal podcaster.

Read Jim Harold’s, Campfire True Ghost Stories with an open mind that not everything that occurs in our world can be explained with a microscope and a Doctorate degree.

Click Here To Purchase Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories