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Author: Jeffrey Stephens

ISBN: 978-1-4516-2432-8

Publisher: Gallery Books


Terrorism has no boundaries nor is it exclusive to one country, city or state. When a group decides to destroy and take lives you better hope that those in charge are not sleeping at the helm. But, when CIA Agent John Sandor is swept from his home in Manhattan to Virginia where he is expected to questions Ahmad Jaber. Jabar is an Iranian Revolutionary guard soldier. Asking and screaming for protection from his associates, he claims he has information that would help the United States avert a pending terrorist attack.  Imagine Asians and South Americans working together along with the leadership of Korea to take down the United States hoping to blindside us with many different diversions. One man hopes to inform Jabar of the plan and his exclusion and his loyalty will come with a heavy price. When Jabar realizes his plight he readily surrenders to the allies and hopes to place in their protection in order to secure the safety of what is left of his family. Suspicions run high and Jordan Sandor is brought in to find out whether he is telling the truth or if this is just a ruse.

Jordan coming face to face with Jabar makes his position quite clear before even hearing what he has to say. Thinking that the entire defection is a sham what he learns will change things greatly as he reveals a plot that would based on an alliance formed by Iran, North Korea and Venezuela but leaving out any major details and claiming the target is America’s heartland.  But is it and just what are the targets of opportunity that the terrorists are aiming for? Meet the terrorist or mastermind Adina who is working directly with the Venezuelan Dictator and has his own agenda in mind to speed up the attacks. Working with North Korea’s leader Kim his goal is to wipe out the United States. Sending the first man to blow up a passenger jet in the French West Indies and destroy a classified communications outpost. As one terrorist finds out the path he is sent to follow is not exactly the one he expected to travel. While Sandor’s team visits North Korea and takes an unwanted tour of the country they follow protocol and pay homage to the Great Leader while Sandor makes contact with those that can help with his mission. But, not everything will go the way he wants it and when one of his team loses his life, things take a different turn. This secret mission into North Korea, sanctioned by the government as high up as the President brings about more than just danger to his team and brings to light just how covert operations work and the lengths to what some agents will go to protect our freedoms and our country from terrorist attacks.

As Jordan and his team infiltrate North Korea, Adina and his go in an entirely different direction hoping to divert the Americans from finding out the main objective. Downing the jet liner, destroying an intelligence installation and killing many is just part of what these people have planned. Capturing a top leader of the North Korean Government, losing two men in the interim who were captured can Sandor find the truth behind the mission and will his interrogation techniques help him get the information needed to stop what they have planned next? Arms for oil are their main objective as North Korea, Venezuela and Iran form more than just an unholy alliance against the United States. From Baytown, Texas where they think the major attack will come to Baton Rouge, and the threat of a Category Three Hurricane, just how will all of this tie together and will they be able to stop what the terrorists have in mind? There are many Targets of Opportunity and many areas where they can strike but will Sandor and his team get there in time? What kind of attack and just how will they execute it and what part will the impending hurricanes play?

Can a hurricane be used as a protective shield to hide the terrorist’s real mission? Two submarines are now in U.S. waters and what they hold and their target would change the complexion of the world and destroy more than just our oil refineries. One man named Adina filled with hate for the United States, willing to risk the lives of those loyal to him never taking any real risks himself. One man named Jaber who hoped for some type of asylum and many people used as pawns in this deadly plot. With the help of the Navy Seals, the military, and one brave Captain can Sandor and his team coordinates a plan to stop what this man has in store? An ending that you won’t expect and that will keep you in suspense even after the final page is turned and one man named Jordan Sandor whose loyalty to his mission, men and country are boundless. Once again author Jeffrey Stephens leaves the reader breathless, spellbound and waiting to find out what is next for our CIA agent. Who lives, who dies and who gets away? That’s classified!

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