Click Here To Purchase It's Your Biz: The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss

Author: Susan Wilson Solovic
Publisher: Amacom
ISBN: 978-0-8144-1671-6

Starting a small business for yourself may sound fun and challenging. You will want to ponder a few things before you begin. Do you know if you have the right stuff? Are you driven, do you have a positive attitude, are your communication skills polished and most importantly do you have the technical knowledge to get your business idea off the ground? Solovic is an entrepreneur and has started businesses of her own at a very young age and is very familiar with what it takes to pursue a dream of being your own boss. Solovic not only gives readers the in's and out's of starting a business, but forces readers to really think about the challenges that lie ahead.

The first section of this book will help readers identify the financial realities of starting a business. Solovic asks pertinent questions like, how much money can you afford to lose? How long can you go without an income from your business? How will you recover it the business fails? Solovic, gives specific information to help readers answer these very important questions. Solovic suggests that you have six to twelve months worth of income stashed before launching a new business. Take your age into consideration in order to have a feel for how long it would take you to recover if your business failed.

You may be asking if whether or not you should jump into a new business feet first or just go at it part-time. Solovic offers suggestions such as, not starting a business that would conflict or compete with your current employer. Also, don't allow the business, if you decide to go at it part-time, interfere with your current employer. Don't forget to give your customer your full attention, and manage your business like a business. Solovic gives personal, as well as, other success stories as examples of how others have achieved their goal of becoming a successful business owner.

If you thinking of buying an existing business, Solovic covers the pros and cons of this too. She offers suggestion of where to look and how to do the homework to study whether or not it would be the right venture for you. Learn how to familiarize yourself and become passionate about the business journey. Solovice states that if you can find a problem, you will be able to find a business opportunity. Learn how to search the market, create a business plan, hire smart and where to locate your business are just a few of the resources that can be found. Everything you need to know about starting a business is here. Solovic gives solid answers and specific true story accounts and examples of why a business will succeed or fail. The back of the book contains resources for start-ups and expanding businesses.

Susan Wilson Solovic is the owner and co-founder of, a highly successful video news and information site for entreprenuers. She is a weekly small-business contributor on ABC's Money Matters and a featured blogger on The Hugginton Post, AllBusiness, Fast Company, Constant Contact, and other sites, as well as a monthly columnist on

Click Here To Purchase It's Your Biz: The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss