ISBN: 978-0-8034-7769-8
Publisher: Avalon Books

Classic Revenge: A Silver Sleuths Mystery is the first book in a new series by Mitzi Kelly.  It’s a first rate book by a first rate author that I thoroughly enjoyed.  The fact that there is another coming out is frosting on the cake for me.  Mystery readers, cozy or not, will enjoy these ladies as they plow through friend and foe alike to solve a murder case.  

When a tragic accident, or so everyone thinks, befalls a friend, Susan Wiley, and soon the friends husband, Sam, is accused of killing her these women go into action to try and solve the murder and clear his name.  The Police Chief, Henry Espinoza, does not agree with them and refuses to listen to the arguments set forth by these three neighbors of the victim.  These women are not wild about Henry dismissing their ideas about their friends innocence and they take off in high gear to prove Sam did not kill his wife.

I admire good characters and these women are really great.  Beginning with Millie, who bosses everyone around and has an opinion on everything; Edna, who is a sweet woman and her world circles around her husband and Trish, who is always on a diet and buys exercise machines by the dozen and hates to use them.

I believe that I have met all of these women during my lifetime and certainly look forward to seeing them through some more of their adventures.  This book goes very fast but, you don’t want to miss any one of their projects.  It’s also very humorous as these women are the best of friends but their personalities are miles apart.  I laughed from beginning to end and rooted for these Silver Foxes to solve the case.  Pick this book up as a favor to yourselves and read it before the second one is on the shelves.  You won’t regret it.

The author, Mitzi Kelly, is from Texas and, you can see that her characters have “Hearts as big as Texas”. She lives near San Antonio with her family (husband, son and four dogs).  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait very long for the next installment of the Silver Sleuths.    

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