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Author: Kimberly Dana
ISBN: 978-1-61346-416-8
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

Kimberly Dana’s children’s book, Pretty Dolls, is a beautifully illustrated story about a young girl, Tasha, and her four dolls. It’s a very girlie book and I’m sure young girls would enjoy the pretty pictures and the heartwarming story.

The illustrations help to tell the story along with the words, so this would be a great book to read to a young child who cannot read on their own, as they can then look at the book afterwards and watch the story unfold as they look at the pictures.  It would also make a nice gift for an older child.

Pretty Dolls tells the story of a little girl, Tasha, who owns four dolls.  Three of the dolls are beautiful and displayed on a bookcase in Tasha’s room.  The doll Tasha plays with, Gracie, has lost an arm, her hair has been cut by Tasha, and Tasha has coloured in her eyes with a felt-tip pen.  Regardless, Tasha loves her little doll and snuggles up with her in bed each night.  The beautiful dolls become jealous of the attention Tasha gives to the less than perfect doll.  This jealousy means that they taunt and make fun of Gracie each night when Tasha is asleep.  The doll who is most bitter about Gracie’s relationship with Tasha is the most beautiful one, Emily-Nicole.  She cannot understand why Tasha doesn’t pay more attention to her as everyone says she is the most beautiful.  One day, Tasha’s dog enters the bedroom and knocks, Emily-Nicole, off the shelf and onto the bed.  Gracie and Emily-Nicole are thrown together by this event and Gracie shows her kindness, making Emily-Nicole realise that beauty is more than skin deep.  The two dolls then become firm friends.

It’s a cute story with a nice message.

This is an interactive book.  An audio book download is included when the book is purchased as each copy of the book has a code that can be used to download an audio version that can be burned onto an audio CD or listened to through computer speakers or an audio device such as an iPod.  This is a nice idea, as then children would be able to listen to the story being read as they flick through the pages.

Pretty Dolls was a Children’s Picture Book Finalist in the 2011 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest.
Kimberly Dana, the author, is a national award-winning English teacher and writer of young adult and children’s books.

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