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Authors: Kathryn Cloward & Ginny Hornby

ISBN: 978-0982927717

Publisher: Kandon Publishing


After a rainbow you can sometimes see something magical and beautiful when you look at the sky. Multiple colors that cover the sky in the form of an arch the colors blend together as a magnificent RAINBOW. There’s something about the colors of a rainbow that makes you feel warm and special. The colors shine so brightly when the rainbow forms you begin to think its magic and have some special powers to make you feel special. What if you had a magical charm bracelet that had 8 special charms that shined? Everyone is special in your own way. Let’s take a special journey along with a special young lady named Kathryn the Grape and find out what she learns when her magical butterfly friend gives her a special bracelet. Let’s see if she can make all the charms shine at once.

Lessons are learned in very unique and different ways. What Kathryn the Grape learns as she takes a special journey with her magical butterfly friend, Maggie is invaluable.

It all started during an ordinary family dinner. Poor Kathryn hates hamburgers. Why should she have to eat something for dinner that she hates? I won’t eat them either. But, when she expresses herself at the dinner table her parents send her to her room and her brothers just laugh. Feeling along and dejected she sits on her bed, airs her feelings to Maggie as she dries her tears. But, Maggie is a special friend and she does not want Kathryn the Grape, who is wearing my favorite color purple, to feel so sad. No one is invisible and no one should feel that they do not belong. Close your eyes along with Kathryn. Now open them. WOW! Do you see all the trees? Can you see how many are in this forest? Each tree is home. Each tree has its own special roots. Each tree is belongs right where it is standing. Where does Kathryn the Grape belong? The red tree charm on her bracelet stands for belonging. Will she learn where she belongs? Will that charm shine?

Let’s continue on. Next, she comes to an orange grove and starts eating some oranges. She’s starving. Remember she did not eat that awful hamburger at dinner. As she eats the oranges and drinks the juice she becomes excited and starts to dance and sing. Will she stay excited? Will the orange charm shine? Orange means excitement in case you don’t know that. How cool is that! But, there is much more for her to learn and you too. Next would you believe right in front of her in this huge forest is a mirror? What lesson will she learn by looking into the mirror? Trust must be earned and it is hard for some children and adults to learn to trust others. But, Maggie teaches her that trusting her family is great but trust in you is most important. Will she learn that lesson? Will the yellow charm that stands for trust shine? Do you think that the first three charms are shining?

The sky in the forest seemed to be filling with clouds. It was getting darker and quite gloomy. Poor Kathryn the Grape started to rehash in her mind and out loud everything that happened during dinner. Negative thoughts bring clouds and storms and no one wants a hurricane or rainstorm on such a beautiful journey. The lesson she learns is about love. Will she learn that and understand what Maggie is trying to teach her? Will the clouds go away and the charm that stands for love shine? Yellow is the color of love. Speaking your mind is not something that everyone does in a respectful way, which explains how she managed to get sent to her room. Maggie presented her with a microphone that she could use to practice telling her family how she felt and learn to speak her mind. Will the Blue charm shine?

All roads should lead back home to her house and her family. There is one more step she needs to take and one more lesson to learn before all the charms can shine all at once. Learning is invaluable. When you are able to see with your mind and your eyes the possibilities are infinite. Will the purple charm shine? Look at the charms on her bracelet. They look like the flowers in a garden. Flowers grow when they get enough sunlight. Kathryn will grow if she opens her mind to learning. Will the last White charm shine? What will happen if she learns all of the lessons? Will all of the charms shine at once? Take the journey along with her and find out. I did more than once. Lessons in self-esteem, trust, love, understanding, respect and much more are jam packed in this 44 page outstanding book filled with colorful pictures to help bring the reader right into the story with the characters. Everyone is colorful. Even you. Let’s hope authors Kathryn Cloward and Ginny Hornby bring Kathryn the Grape and Maggie back for more adventures to learn more of life’s important lessons.

Click Here To Purchase Kathryn the Grape's Colorful Adventure (Kathryn the Grape Series)